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Resources for Local Historical Societies

The Society's Local History-Field Services Program provides resources for local historical organizations, including an annual conference, a series of Local History webinars, occasional workshops, grants and information to help you start your own local or specialized history organization.
Resource Description

Local Historical Affiliate Directory

Societies and Museums Affiliated with the Wisconsin Historical Society
Find contact information for the local historical societies and museums affiliated with the Wisconsin Historical Society.
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2018 Local History-Historic Preservation Conference Scholarship

For 2018, the Society and Wisconsin Council for Local History have allocated scholarship aid to supporting continuing public history education.
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Local History - Historic Preservation Conference

2019 Annual Conference
The largest gathering of its kind in Wisconsin for volunteers, staff, and supporters of local history and historic preservation
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About the Local History-Field Services Program

Support and Services for Local History and Preservation Groups in Wisconsin
The Local History-Field Services program provides support to local history and historic preservation organizations.
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Services for Local Historical Societies and Organizations

Find helpful services and professionals to help with local historical society concerns.
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Local History Webinars

Training Programs for the Local Historian
See upcoming training programs for local historians and browse our past presentations.
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Local History Grants for Collections Care and Access

Learn how to apply for a mini-grant from the Wisconsin Historical Society and Wisconsin Council for Local History.
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Local History Regional Meetings

Collaborate. Communicate. Join the discussion.
Local History gatherings feature hands-on training, networking, and updates on regional and statewide activities.
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Wisconsin Council for Local History

Learn who comprises the Wisconsin Council for Local History and its mission.
Guide or Instruction

Flood and Natural Disaster Resources for Museums, Historical Societies and Cultural Institutions

Find helpful articles and information on what to do if your museum or historical society is impacted by flooding or other natural disaster.
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How to Form a Historical Society or Organization

Learn how you can receive help with organizing a local historical organization.

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