About the State Historic Preservation Office | Wisconsin Historical Society

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About the State Historic Preservation Office

About the State Historic Preservation Office | Wisconsin Historical Society

Because historic places are critical to quality of life, we will expedite the preservation of places of enduring value.

State Historic Preservation Office

The Society is the federally-designated State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). In partnership with communities, organizations and individuals, the SHPO works to identify, interpret and preserve historic places for the benefit of present and future generations. 

The SHPO administers the state’s burial sites preservation program.

The SHPO administers the Wisconsin portion of the National Register of Historic Places in partnership with the National Park Service and manages the State Register of Historic Places. 

The SHPO provides educational resources and assistance in historic preservation to property owners, local organizations and governments.

The SHPO maintains state records on archaeological sites, protects sites on public lands, administers property tax exemptions and provides access to research and public education about Wisconsin’s archaeological resources.

The SHPO reviews federal, state and local projects for their effect on historic and archaeological properties.

The SHPO certifies historic building rehabilitation projects for state and federal income tax credits.

The SHPO maintains historic building, archaeological and burial site inventories.