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Virtual Events

Cherie Dargan discusses her contribution to the new collection The Sower and the Seer: Perspectives on the Intellectual History of the American Midwest

Apr 20 :: Online Webinar ::
Hearst Center for the Arts welcomes Cherie Dargan to discuss the rich literary history of Cedar Rapids
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Why You Can't Teach United States History without American Indians

Apr 21 :: Online Webinar ::
Join us for a dynamic discussion about the methods and questions that are challenging the marginalization of Native American history in the U.S.
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Frontier Diplomats or Agents of Empire: U.S. Indian Agents in Wisconsin, 1812-1845 with Peter Shrake

Apr 21 :: Online Webinar - Local History ::
Witness the dramatic changes that swept the Wisconsin frontier in the early 1800s through the life of US Indian Agents
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"Book Bites" - Martha Bergland discusses "The Birdman of Koshkonong: The Life of Naturalist Thure Kumlien"

Apr 21 :: Online Webinar ::
Join us on on the WHS Press Facebook page for a new season of live book talks exploring all things Wisconsin!
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Fill 'er Up: The Glory Days of Wisconsin Gas Stations

Apr 22 :: Community United Methodist Church :: Elm Grove
Step back to the day when a visit to the gas station meant service with a smile, a wash of the windshield, and the cheerful question, "Fill 'er up?"
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Spirits of Earth: Ancient Native American Effigy Mounds of Wisconsin with Robert Birmingham

Apr 22 :: Online Webinar ::
Join author Robert Birmingham as he discusses Wisconsin's earliest inhabitants, and their lasting impact on the landscape.
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Author Martha Bergland discusses The Birdman of Koshkonong

Apr 27 :: Online Webinar ::
Biographer Martha Bergland uncovers the story of pioneering Wisconsin ornithologist, botanist, and naturalist Thure Kumlien
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Modern Jungles: A Conversation about the Hmong Refugee Experience in Wisconsin

Apr 29 :: Online Webinar ::
Join the Wisconsin Historical Society for a free online panel discussion exploring the Hmong refugee experience in Wisconsin and the Midwest.
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Historic Preservation and Archaeology Activities for the Family or Classroom

May 1 - May 31 :: Online Event : Historic Indian Agency House :: Portage
A Historic Preservation and Archaeology Month program hosted by the Historic Indian Agency House
Genealogy Workshop

Norwegian Genealogy

May 1 :: Online Webinar ::
Research Your Family History