About the Division of Administrative Services | Wisconsin Historical Society

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About the Division of Business Services

About the Division of Administrative Services | Wisconsin Historical Society

Director of Business Services

Kelli Ka’alele, Sr. Director of Business Services

816 State Street
Madison, WI 53706



Front entrance of the Society headquarters building with banners.

Wisconsin Historical Society, 2008

A view of the front of the Wisconsin Historical Society's headquarters building on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

The Division of Business Services provides a wide range of day-to-day support and long-range planning for the Wisconsin Historical Society including its divisions, the Director's Office, the management team and over 130 permanent and 320 limited-term employees. The Division also assists in the management and maintenance of the Society’s 247 buildings located throughout the state. 

    • Facilities Development is responsible for managing the construction of WHS new buildings and the remodeling and renovation of existing facilities. This includes providing technical advice, project management and field oversight, as well as managing contracts for architecture/engineering services and construction work.  

    • Facilities Management (HQ/Museum) is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repair of the WHS Headquarters building and the WHS Historical Museum. Our vision is to provide our tenants and visitors with safe, cost- effective, quality facilities and services. 

    • Finance & Policy performs agency-wide accounting, financial, auditing, procurement, and budget services ensuring compliance with State laws, rules, and best practices.  

    • Human Resources provides agency-wide human resources services and support including staffing and recruitment, payroll and benefits, workforce management and development and provides guidance on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. 

    • Information Technology manages, maintains, and secures computer systems, networks, software, and hardware agency wide. The team also develops and implements innovative technologies in alignment with Society goals and initiatives. 
      **WHS IT is supported by key partners including DET and DoIT** 

    • Project Management Office ensures successful delivery of high impact and complex agency projects, by promoting standards related to project prioritization, lifecycle management, and strategic planning.  

    • Risk and Safety is responsible for the administration of a variety of complex activities aimed at protecting the WHS, its employees, assets, and interests by identifying and managing threats of physical, strategic, and fiscal losses. This includes administration of the Employee Health and Safety program and Continuity of Operations planning. 

    • Workforce and Culture develops and implements comprehensive, agency-wide strategies that foster a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and engaging workplace where staff feel heard, valued, and empowered at all stages of the employee lifecycle. This includes advancing a culture of employee engagement through enhanced internal communications, providing professional development opportunities, valuing employee health and wellness, recognizing hard work, empowering positive change through continuous improvement.