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Managing Flood and Natural Disaster information for museums | Wisconsin Historical Society

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Flood and Natural Disaster Resources for Museums, Historical Societies, and Cultural Institutions

Managing Flood and Natural Disaster information for museums | Wisconsin Historical Society

There are many resources available to guide historic societies and museums when dealing with collections damaged by flood or natural disaster. The Wisconsin Historical Society has put together a document, Disaster Response Plans for Museums, Historical Societies and Cultural Institutions (PDF, 6 MB), to provide useful guidance for collecting institutions following a crisis.

Cultural institutions may get free telephone advice and possibly other services for cleaning up after a flood or natural disaster by contacting your regional conservation center. Members of the Regional Alliance for Preservation located in the Midwest can be found here.

Another helpful phone resource for museums, historical societies and cultural institutions is the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC), which maintains a force of "national heritage responders" trained to assess damage and initiate salvage of cultural collections after a disaster. Cultural institutions needing assistance should contact National Heritage Responders at 202-661-8068 for a referral.

Online Resources for Managing Disaster: Museums and Historical Societies

The Wisconsin Historical Society also offers a list of resources for managing disasters when dealing with damage to historic homes and properties.

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