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Local Historical Affiliate Directory

The Local Historical Affiliate Directory provides information on over 430 local affiliates of the Wisconsin Historical Society. The directory also lists museums, archives, historic preservation organizations, hours, directions, and contact information.

NEW: Local history directory, organized by county. Updated December 2022.

For further information or a printable directory, please contact Amy Norlin.

Note: Please call or email the local society before visiting the address listed in the directory. In some cases, addresses indicate the physical location of the society; many societies, however, do not own buildings and the address only represents an officer contact or post office box.

File an Annual Report to Update Your Listing

Local affiliates are required to file an annual report, which is used to update the Local Historical Affiliate Directory. After January 1, 2023, local affiliates are able to access the 2022 Annual Report filing system online.

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Have Questions?

Use the email address below to learn more about local historical societies or museums in Wisconsin. If you are an affiliate and have an update for the directory, please send us the information.