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Wisconsin Supplementary Manual

For Nominations to the National Register of Historic Places

Wisconsin Supplementary Manual | Wisconsin Historical Society

The information provided on this page is intended for professional consultants, researchers, writers and other members of the public. This resource was created to provide guidance for preparing a typical Wisconsin nomination to the State Register and the National Register of Historic Places. Information on this page is provided as a supplement to the information found in National Register Bulletin 16A: How to Complete the National Register Registration Form.

Note: This information is not intended to replace Bulletin 16A or any other National Register bulletins. You may want to review the fundamentals of how to list a property. For more complicated or unusual nominations, it may be necessary to consult several National Register bulletins.

Before You Begin

Prior to beginning the nomination process, determine the eligibility of your historic property or historic resource. Confirming potential eligibility helps ensure that it meets National Register criteria and is an indicator of a successful conclusion to the nomination process.

Eligibility may be determined by:

Resources for Completing Your Nomination

The following documents are the key resources you'll need to complete your nomination.

Incomplete Nomination Packets

Make sure your submitted nomination packet is fully complete. Incomplete submissions are normally returned without action by the staff or the Wisconsin Historic Preservation Review Board. Watch for missing technical information and closely follow the instructions in this document and in National Register Bulletin 16A. You may also review your nomination's content by filling out the National Register Nomination Checklist (PDF, 90 KB).

It is the responsibility of the preparer to assure all facts are correct and adequately documented and to make any revisions or corrections necessary after the form has been reviewed. If questions arise in the course of preparing a nomination, division staff will be happy to advise.

Please note: All nomination materials, including the nomination form, images and maps become the property of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

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