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COVID-19 Poster Project

COVID-19 Poster Project | BIG History Is Happening

BIG History Is Happening | Poster Project

Public information posters have long been a part of history. Over the next ten weeks, we will feature an artist and their representation and expression of the COVID-19 pandemic through a new, relevant public information poster. The posters created by Wisconsin artists during the COVID-19 pandemic will become part of the collections at the Society where they can be used by future generations.

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Conserving Resources Poster by Colin Matthes, Stark decisive black and white lines with pops of color to highlight important resources, like tomatoes, create the dramatic affect of this poster.

May 27 | Conserving Resources

Colin Matthes

Colin Matthes (Milwaukee, WI) is an artist. He combines improvised utilitarian construction techniques with instructional drawing, spectacle, and civically minded projects that range from group knowledge archiving sessions to “eco” demolition derbies. He always shows the means of production. The process, the fingerprints, the screwups.