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General Employment Information

General Employment Information | Wisconsin Historical Society

The Wisconsin Historical Society offers many exciting opportunities for those seeking employment, internships or fellowships, or volunteer positions. We look for employees with a wide range of skills and professional disciplines who will share and help shape our mission.

Select from the links below to learn more about the types of employment the Society offers:

Full-Time Permanent

As an agency of state government, the Wisconsin Historical Society announces permanent civil service positions through the Wisconsin Office of State Employment Relations. These are typically professional positions advertised nationally and include competitive salaries and benefits.

See more about the process at Wisc.Jobs, the official State of Wisconsin Government online system for job announcements, applications and examinations. It also includes other specialized job programs and information.


Internships are short-term employment opportunities for students or other individuals who may be looking for experience within a specific line of work. For more information see About Internship Opportunities.

Limited Term Employment (LTE)

Limited Term Employment opportunities are temporary jobs that do not require a civil service examination. These jobs vary in length, but cannot contain more than 1,043 hours within a 12-month period. They offer competitive wages and may include benefits.

Limited Term Employment positions can provide participants with valuable work experience in a specific field of interest. The experience gained in these positions can be a valuable career development tool, and often provides participants with the training and experience that may be helpful in applying for a full-time position with the State of Wisconsin.

Learn more about Limited Term Employment policies for the State of Wisconsin.

Research Fellowships

The Society offers Research Fellowships through the Wisconsin Historical Society Press. For more information see About Research Fellowship Opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to volunteer in a variety of capacities to suit any interest or skill level. In addition to the programs at the Society headquarters in Madison, our museums and historic sites welcome volunteers from around the state. For more information see About Volunteer Opportunities


Work-study positions are paid positions. Many Madison-area students work for the Society each academic year. The majority of students have been awarded work-study funds as part of a financial aid package from their college or university. For more information see About Work-Study Opportunities.

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