Mission and Vision | Wisconsin Historical Society

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Mission and Vision of the Wisconsin Historical Society

Mission and Vision | Wisconsin Historical Society

Our Mission, Vision and Values


EnlargeMission, Vision, and Core Values


The Wisconsin Historical Society connects people to the past by collecting, preserving, and sharing stories.


Enriching and transforming lives through unparalleled access to history.


Embrace a Spirit of Service

Willing to help others – whether they reach out or an opportunity arises – for the good of the whole. The whole could be the WHS, our constituents, Wisconsin communities, and beyond.


Engage Our Expertise

Reach across divisions to harness others’ diverse skills, talents, and knowledge to produce high quality work. Be resourceful in the pursuit of new knowledge and ideas. Our collective expertise is a buildable, shareable, and useable resource. These ideas can include breaking down barriers, building opportunities, cultivating community connections, and enhancing our state’s legacies as the WHS moves “Forward.”


Spark Enthusiasm

Approach our work with passion and dedication to inspire others and make transformative change. Champion the programs and projects that are important to our coworkers, stakeholders, and community members.


Cultivate Inclusion

Create and foster a safe and welcoming environment for all people and communities. Commit to making the WHS an equitable, diverse, inclusive, and accessible community. Our dedication to inclusion extends to the stories we collect, preserve, and share, and our relationships with the diverse communities in Wisconsin.


Exceed Expectations

To the best of our abilities and resources, provide support to colleagues, stakeholders, and communities that allow us to rise to the challenges of being a premiere North American history organization.


Think Big and Grow with Purpose

Chart a sustainable organizational future through commitment to our organizational values with a critical eye to our past and our present. Work in innovative ways that prioritize and cultivate curiosity, vision, and creativity.

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 Wisconsin Historical Society Headquarters Building, 2015.

Wisconsin Historical Society Headquarters Building, 2015.