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Past Genealogy-Family History Book Award Winners | Wisconsin Historical Society

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Past Genealogy-Family History Book Award Winners

Past Genealogy-Family History Book Award Winners | Wisconsin Historical Society
About the Award

The award is given to the author of a genealogy book that best documents the history of a Wisconsin family and, in the opinion of the judges, made the most valuable contribution to public understanding of Wisconsin's past during the preceding calendar year. The award is presented in conjunction with the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society.

Past Award Winners

1990 La Vern Pittman. The Family of John and Deborah (Flick) Meyers. CS71 M995 1989

1991 John Edward Armstrong. An Armstrong Ancestry. CS71 A74 1990

1992 Mary Jane Johnson. The Descendants of Christian Friedrich Seefeld. CS71 S4486 1991

1993 Ednam Pieper Cherney. Pieper Footsteps. Pam 93-311

1994 Linda Berg Stafford. Tangney and Day Families of Adams County. CS71 T163 1993

1995 Alice Back Palmer. Our Dutch Heritage: Family Back. CS71 B11847 1994

1996 Rosemary Rick. John Rick of Wausau. Pam 95-807

1997 Robert J. and Rita Fralish Mitchell. The Fralish Genealogy. CS71 F812 1996

1998 Merlin E. Horn. Heritage of Pioneer Farmers. CS71 H815 1997

1999 Donald and Sylvia Green. The Descendants of William McCain, 1781-1998. CS71 M154 1998

2000 Gloria Bailey Jackson. John Goddard of Northeastern Wisconsin. CS71 G578 1999

2001 Ronald L. and Maureen F. Giese. The Johann Christian David Wolfgram Family. CS71 W8555 2000

2002 Helen E. Brieske. Lars and Martha Larson From Valdres, Norway, to Vernon County, Wisconsin. CS71 L327 2001

2003 Ronald L. Giese. The August Ferdinand Windau Family. Pam 04-285

2004 (no award given)

2005 Philip H. Hasheider. The Ancestry and Descendants of Alpheus and Sally (Copeland) Bass. CS71 B356 2004

2006 Gene Hill. Julius Heisinger, Artist. CS71 H47354 2005

2007 Rachel Scherf Levine. Scherf: Christian Andreas Scherf Family. CS71 S325 2007

2008 Rick A. Hagen. Descendants of Joseph and Catherine Miller of New Berlin, Wisconsin. CS71 M65 2007a

2009 John McCallum. The Clan McCallum (books 5-7). CS71 M4749

2010 Marion (Sura) Groulik. The Peter Sura Family Quilt. Pam 10-1366

2011 Judy Boykin. Our Best Family: The Descendants of John and Sarah Best, 1800-2010. CS71 B56 2010

2012 Helen Stoltz-Wood. From Denmark to Wisconsin. CS69 S86 2011

2013 Philip and Mary Kathleen Hasheider. The Michael and Caroline Bremel Family of Wisconsin. CS71 B8568 2012

2014 Philip Hasheider. The Loerpabel Connection. CS71 L8182 2013

2015 Brian L. and Mary Mierow Blakeley. Ordinary People. CS71 B64622 2014

2016 Kenneth L. Kraemer. Wisconsin Kraemers. CS71 C8903 2014

2017 Katherine Kemnitz. Three John Chamberlains and Cornelius Atherton. CS71 C443 2016

2018 DuWayne H. Hansen. There Were Giants in the Earth in Those Days. CS71 C69 2017

2019 Philip Hasheider. The Christoph Zick Family 1769-2018. F580 H37 2018

2020 Jeanne Forbes. The John T. Holtz & Anna C. Moll Family in Mecklenburg, Germany, & Columbus, Wisconsin.

2021 Nancy M. Vance. Some Descendants of Widow Foord: 1621-2021.

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