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2022 Museum Exhibit Award Winner Announced

2022 Museum Exhibit Award | Wisconsin Historical Society

The Jefferson Historical Society has received the 2022 Museum Exhibit Award for its exhibition "The Beer That Made Milwaukee Jealous."

About the Exhibit

"The Beer That Made Milwaukee Jealous" is a permanent exhibition at the Jefferson Historical Society. The exhibit uses artifacts, photographs, graphics, and video to tell the story of the R. Heger Malt and Brewing Co. The Historical Society remodeled an area that was formerly a city hall employee lounge to house the exhibit.

The exhibit development process uncovered new stories about the development of the Jefferson community. They used a variety of elements to tell the story and were able to catalog and photograph many objects as part of the research for the project. The exhibit developers did significant research into museum standards to ensure that they were using appropriate methods.

About the Award

Two awards for historical exhibits on Wisconsin themes are offered each year: one for an exhibition budget of $5,000 or less and one for an exhibition budget greater than $5,000. Each award is given to the organization that creates an exhibit that meets the award criteria and, in the opinion of the judges, made the most valuable contribution to public understanding of Wisconsin's past during the preceding calendar year.

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