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2020 Historic Preservation Award | Wisconsin Historical Society

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2020 Historic Preservation Award Winner Announced

2020 Historic Preservation Award | Wisconsin Historical Society

This award recognizes the contributions of an individual to the field of historic preservation and preservation efforts in Wisconsin. Daniel Stephans, AIA, received the 2020 Historic Preservation Award from the Wisconsin Historical Society for his career in historic preservation. 

About Daniel Stephans, AIA

Mr. Stephans has been a licensed architect in Wisconsin for 44 years, specializing in historic preservation and restoration. Mr. Stephans worked for the State of Wisconsin as the Chief State Architect for 25 years and guided numerous projects to completion. In this capacity, he oversaw the restoration of the Wisconsin State Capitol Building, which took over 10 years. For 15 years, Mr. Stephans has served on the State Historic Preservation Review Board. He also serves on the Board of Trustees of Taliesin Preservation in Spring Green and is the Chair of the Evansville Historic Preservation Commission.

About the Preservation Award

This award recognizes the best work in protecting a threatened historic property in Wisconsin. The historic property may be a building, structure, object, site or district. Commendable community and individual efforts such as advocacy, fundraising, creation of a protective ordinance, physical stabilization, and repair will be recognized.

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