"We Stand on Their Shoulders:" A History of Wisconsin Women and Voting | Wisconsin Historical Society

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"We Stand on Their Shoulders": A History of Wisconsin Women and Voting

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"We Stand on Their Shoulders:" A History of Wisconsin Women and Voting | Wisconsin Historical Society
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EnlargeTheodora Youmans

Theodora Youmans, c. 1916

Portrait of Theodora Youmans (Mrs. Henry), President of the Wisconsin Woman Suffrage Association, holding a Wisconsin flag and standing in front of a painted backdrop. View the original source document: WHI 1927

EnlargeBernice Lindsay posing with the street sign named after her. Part of the N. Lindsay Street Dedication ceremony. She is wearing a coat and a hat. Three unidentified people are in the background.

Bernice Lindsay Posing with the Street Sign Named after Her, 1974

Bernice worked as an activist and community leader in Milwaukee. View the original source document: WHI 118870

EnlargePhotograph of Doris Oiyotte Emery addressing the Tribal Council, 1974.

Doris Oiyotte Emery addressing the Tribal Council, 1974

Doris Oiyotte Emery held various positions including councilperson, tribal judge, chief judge of the St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin, health director, housing authority director, and tribal administrator. View the original source document: WHI 126952

EnlargeSeveral men and women watch as Governor Patrick Lucey signs the Equal Rights Amendment. Governor Lucey is seated at the desk in the middle.

Governor Patrick Lucey Signs the Proposed Federal Equal Rights Amendment, 1975

Standing, from left to right: Lloyd A. Barbee, Marlin Schneider, two unidentified people, Midge Miller, unidentified, Mary Lou Munts, David Clarenbach. View the original source document: WHI 97430

The traveling display "'We Stand on Their Shoulders': A History of Wisconsin Women and Voting" explores moments when women in Wisconsin gained political rights and highlights a few key leaders. Covering the ratification of the 19th Amendment, 1921 Wisconsin Equal Rights Act, 1924 Indian Citizenship Act, and 1965 Voting Rights Act, the eight-panel display shares the important story of women's quest for political rights and recognition through quotes, photographs, and a timeline of events.

The Wisconsin Historical Society currently provides this display to schools, public libraries, historical societies and civic organizations in Wisconsin. To request the display for your organization, please email travelingexhibits@wisconsinhistory.org.

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What's in the Display?

The eight panels of "We Stand on Their Shoulders" tell the story of Wisconsin women's struggle for political rights with an in-depth timeline and reproductions of 21 historic photographs and documents. The display is most suitable for secondary schools and the general public.

View the complete contents of each panel here (PDF, 9 MB).

A teacher resource toolkit to share suffrage history in the classroom is also available (see below).

General Description

4 freestanding, double-sided poly fabric banners, 39" x 87", on retractable banner stands

Rental Fee & Travel

$100, plus transport

Two copies of the display are available for rental from the Wisconsin Historical Society, both based in Madison. Renters are responsible for arranging transport to and from their venue; in some cases, venues may be able to make arrangements with preceding or following venues if scheduling allows.

Proceeds from traveling exhibit rentals support the Society's ongoing outreach programs and activities.

An additional copy of the display is available for rental to groups in the Fox Cities at the History Museum at the Castle in Appleton. For more information, please visit the Castle's website here.


Up to 4 weeks. Venues may schedule the display for more than 4 weeks for an additional fee.

Space Required

180 sq. ft.

Dates and Locations

See our events calendar for full details.

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