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Wisconsin in the Civil War

Wisconsin's Involvement in the Civil War

Birds-eye painting of a Wisconsin Civil War regiment in a parade.

Read an overview of Wisconsin's involvement in U.S. Civil War, 1861-1865. Learn about the state's contributions including the Iron Brigade and Old Abe, the war eagle.

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Historic civil war photo.
  • About Our American Civil War Collections

    Our Civil War materials – collected for over 150 years – offer researchers a wealth of materials including rosters, casualty lists, memoirs, historical photographs, regimental histories and more.

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Roughly 25,000 pages of original documents about Wisconsin in the Civil War are available online including soldiers' letters, diaries, and memoirs; regimental histories and rosters; photographs, maps, biographies and battle summaries.

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Wisconsin Civil War Essays

Read dozens of stories taken from original documents about camp life, combat, death and destruction, politics, enemy encounters and personal reflections.


Civil War Battle Summaries

Learn basic facts about each battle and the role played by Wisconsin troops. Summaries include links to battle maps, related images and original documents.

  • Atlanta Campaign

    By seizing Atlanta, Georgia, the center of Confederate industry and transportation, the Union crippled the Confederacy's ability to wage war.

  • Iuka, Battle of

    Learn more about Wisconsin's role in this Civil War battle. This article includes links to view original documents and other accounts of this battle.


Wisconsin Civil War Regimental Histories

Learn basic regiment facts and the important engagements. Histories include links to original documents.


Biographies of Wisconsin Civil War Leaders

Read short biographies of prominent Wisconsin figures from the Civil War era.


Historic civil war photo.

View Census Enumeration Documents Online

  • 1885 Veterans Enumerations

    Enumeration of soldiers and sailors of the late war residing in Wisconsin June 20, 1885

  • 1895 Veterans Enumerations

    Wisconsin census enumeration, 1895 : names of ex-soldiers and sailors residing in Wisconsin, June 20, 1895 : alphabetically arranged

  • 1905 Veterans Enumerations

    Wisconsin census enumeration, 1905 : names of ex-soldiers and sailors residing in Wisconsin, June 1, 1905

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