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235 North Jefferson Street

National or State Register of Historic Places
235 North Jefferson Street | National or State Registers Record | Wisconsin Historical Society
Historic Name:Green Bay YMCA
Reference Number:16000022
Location (Address):235 North Jefferson Street
City/Village:Green Bay
Green Bay YMCA
235 North Jefferson Street, Green Bay, Brown County
Architect: Foeller, Schober & Stephenson/Berners-Schober Associates
Dates of construction: 1924; addition 1968

The Green Bay YMCA is important to the history of recreation in the community. The building was constructed during an era when YMCAs were being built in large numbers across the state. These buildings, almost always constructed in urban centers, served multiple functions as social and business organizations, similar to popular nineteenth century clubs. They were places of support for young men (and eventually women), following the organization's religious philosophies they provided moral uplift and education, and were places for physical sport and activity. It was not only boys and young men who used the swimming, gymnastic and recreational facilities, but also adults from the community. The Green Bay YMCA is similar in description and character.

The services the YMCA offered evolved over time to meet the interests and needs of the community. For example, in the 1930s and 1940s there was an expansion of social programs and the use of the dormitories as housing for those in need. In the 1950s and 1960s the facility was renovated to compete with suburban athletic facilities and pools, culminating in the large pool addition which was comeplted in 1968.

The YMCA, with its characteristic split-faced stone facades, arched openings, wood details on the exterior and interior, and steeply pitched roof, is an excellent example of the Tudor Revival style. Institutional examples of the Tudor Revival style are relatively rare in Green Bay. The design of the 1968 addition is also distinctive. The massing and rhythm of solid wall and window voids references the 1924 design as does the stone sheathing. But the streamlined wall surfaces, elimination of ornament, and emphasis on the vertical lines at the window bays using narrow, vertical bands of stone all reference the simple geometric massing characteristic of Contemporary style architecture. The result is a design which reflects and acknowledges the historic design yet is clearly recognized as new.

Period of Significance:1925-1968
Period of Significance:1924-1968
Area of Significance:Entertainment/Recreation
Area of Significance:Architecture
Applicable Criteria:Event
Applicable Criteria:Architecture/Engineering
Historic Use:Social: Civic
Historic Use:Recreation And Culture: Sport Facility
Historic Use:Domestic: Hotel
Architectural Style:Tudor Revival
Resource Type:Building
Architect:Foeller, Schober & Stephenson
Architect:Berners-Schober Associates
Historic Status:Listed in the State Register
Historic Status:Listed in the National Register
National Register Listing Date:02/16/2016
State Register Listing Date:11/20/2015
Number of Contributing Buildings:1
Number of Contributing Sites:0
Number of Contributing Structures:0
Number of Contributing Objects:0
Number of Non-Contributing Sites:0
Number of Non-Contributing Structures:0
Number of Non-Contributing Objects:0
National Register and State Register of Historic Places, State Historic Preservation Office, Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin

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