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2739 Beloit Avenue

National or State Register of Historic Places
2739 Beloit Avenue | National or State Registers Record | Wisconsin Historical Society
Historic Name:Hugunin, John and Martha, House
Reference Number:05000534
Location (Address):2739 Beloit Avenue
Hugunin, John and Martha, House
2739 Beloit Ave., Janesville, Rock County
Date of construction: 1875

Three generations of the Hugunin family have preserved this beautiful Italianate farmhouse. Built in 1875 (attached to a small 1868 frame house), the high style Hugunin House represents the success of the family in farming the fertile Rock Prairie, one of the best farming areas in the country.

John V. and Martha Hugunin were "Yankees" from New York State who were part of the large migration of New Yorkers to Wisconsin during the state's pioneer era. Between 1849 and 1853, they worked a farm in the Town of Johnstown, just east of Janesville. In 1868, the Hugunins came to this site in the Town of LaPrairie. Successful wheat growers, the Hugunins stayed on their Wisconsin farm rather than take their profits and move further west as other Yankee families did. During old age, John V. Hugunin would write that he always farmed in a diversified manner, a practice that kept his farm fertile even after wheat crops eventually depleted the soil.

The second generation, John Morgan and Myrtie Hugunin, continued the successful management of the farm. Their children were all well-educated, including son Roy, who took over a neighboring farm with wife Eva in 1935. In 1958, after Myrtie Hugunin's death, John Morgan Hugunin moved to Janesville and Roy and Eva Hugunin came back to the home farm. Roy and Eva updated the rear of the house, but remodeled very little.

In 1976, Roy Hugunin died, but the two Hugunin children had left the farm for different careers and the farm was acquired for an industrial park and annexed into the City of Janesville. Eva Hugunin retained the family home, preserving it for future generations. She kept all its high-quality Italianate features, including its exterior details and beautiful interior. The original wood trim, beautiful arched pocket doors, and staircase with walnut balustrade are highlights of the museum-like interior.

The City of Janesville owns the house and will maintain it as a fine and well-preserved example of the Italianate style, but also as an important building related to historic farming on the Rock Prairie and the Hugunin family. The house is not open to the public; please respect the privacy of the residents.

Period of Significance:1875
Area of Significance:Architecture
Applicable Criteria:Architecture/Engineering
Historic Use:Domestic: Single Dwelling
Architectural Style:Italianate
Resource Type:Building
Historic Status:Listed in the National Register
Historic Status:Listed in the State Register
National Register Listing Date:06/01/2005
State Register Listing Date:01/21/2005
Number of Contributing Buildings:1
Number of Contributing Sites:0
Number of Contributing Structures:0
Number of Contributing Objects:0
Number of Non-Contributing Sites:0
Number of Non-Contributing Structures:0
Number of Non-Contributing Objects:0
National Register and State Register of Historic Places, State Historic Preservation Office, Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin

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