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Mass Communications History Collections | Wisconsin Historical Society
EnlargeA U.N. war correspondent is shown filming with a news camera next to an NBC Television Newsreel vehicle.

NBC Camera Man

A U.N. war correspondent is shown filming with a news camera next to an NBC Television Newsreel vehicle. View the original source document: WHI 44225

The Mass Communications History Collection was established in 1955 to document the importance of the mass media in 20th-century American life. This collection documents mass communications on both the national level and in the state of Wisconsin.

The collection includes the papers of hundreds of important individuals, corporations and professional organizations in the fields of journalism, broadcasting, advertising and public relations. 

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Collection Overview

Our holdings include the records and papers of the following individuals and organizations:

  • Assoc. for Education in Journalism & Mass Comm.
  • Bruce Barton
  • Rowland Evans and Robert Novak
  • Clark Mollenhoff
  • David Brinkley
  • Foote, Cone & Belding
  • H.V. Kaltenborn
  • Howard K. Smith
  • John W. Hill
  • Joseph Harsch
  • National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
  • National Educational Television

How the Mass Communications Collection is Organized

Research materials in the Mass Communication collection can be found in both the Library and the Archives. Manuscript collections and photographs can be found in the archives collection. Books, serials and other publications can be found in the library collection. 

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The library and the archives share an online catalog used to describe their holdings. 

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Purchasing Copies

Researchers who cannot visit the Library-Archives may order copies by mail, fax or e-mail. We do not accept orders by phone.

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Mass Communication Collection Donations

Current collecting includes personal papers collections that build on the strengths of the Society's existing print and broadcast journalism holdings including Pulitzer Prize-winners, nationally significant journalists, network television reporters, foreign correspondents, opinion journalists, and individuals and organizations active in civic journalism.

See the Mass Communications History Collections fact sheet (PDF, 116 KB) and more information on Donating an Item or Collection.

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