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Steps in the SHPO Review Process for Federal Projects

SHPO Review Process for Federal Projects | Wisconsin Historical Society

The Wisconsin State Historic Preservation Office strives to provide a review process for the National Historic Preservation Act Section 106 that:

  • Establishes and makes uniform the necessary federal agency responsibilities
  • Balances the need for timely reviews with the need for thorough investigation of all potentially affected historic properties
  • Eliminates redundant submittals
  • Provides sufficient information to assist applicants from start to finish

Pre-submittal Federal Agency Requirements

Please review each of the criteria below to determine whether to submit materials to our office:

  1. Is your project an undertaking with the potential to affect historic properties?
  2. Does your project affect properties within the reservation boundaries of a Native American Nation with a formal Tribal Historic Preservation Officer?
  3. Are you a federal agency representative or formal delegate of a federal agency?


Review Process Forms and Submittal Guidelines

After reviewing the pre-submittal federal agency requirements above, complete appropriate forms and guidelines. For each project proposal requiring review, you must complete and return to us our submittal form, "Request for SHPO Comment and Consultation on a Federal Undertaking."

If you are in need of additional assistance to complete your review and submittal, please contact us at

At the outset, we recommend that you consult the Advisory Council on the Historic Preservation (ACHP) website, which contains the regulations and provides descriptions of the Section 106 process requirements. You may also wish to view the ACHP flowchart containing excellent detail on the Section 106 process.

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