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Learn About the Authors and Contributors of the 4th-Grade Textbook

'Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story'

Authors and Contributors of the 4th-Grade Textbook | Wisconsin Historical Society

"Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story" was developed in consultation with an advisory board of reading specialists, history scholars, curriculum coordinators, and teachers and tested in actual 4th-grade pilot classrooms. As a result, the book has been designed in an accessible format to encourage multiple learning styles. Color-coded terms, phonetic pronunciations and meaningful imagery and sidebars are just a few examples of how the design supports literacy and fluency.

Below is information about the authors and contributors for the 4th-grade Wisconsin history textbook.


Portrait of Bobbie Malone.

Bobbie Malone, Ph.D.

Bobbie Malone, Ph.D., is the co-author of the Student Textbook, Teacher's Edition and Student Activity Guide for "Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story." She is the former director of the Office of School Services at the Wisconsin Historical Society (1995-2011). With a master's degree in elementary education, she taught school for 10 years before taking a doctorate in American History. Malone has authored and edited many student books and teachers guides on Wisconsin history for the state's classrooms.

Portrait of Kori Oberle.

Kori Oberle

Kori Oberle is the co-author of the Student Textbook for "Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story." She is a historical researcher, writer, and social studies instructional designer who has worked as an educator in museums, historic sites, and for public television. In addition to authoring several publications for teachers and students, Oberle is an Emmy-winning producer of the "Cultural Horizons of Wisconsin" television series. She is currently the Museum Director for the Hoard Historical Museum in Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin.

Kurt Griesemer

Kurt Griesemer

Kurt Griesemer, has been involved in education for over 20 years, as teacher, television producer, content designer, and publications editor. His work includes creating and producing the Emmy-winning Wisconsin Biographies animated series for the Educational Communications Board and interactive media for Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story.

Print publications include education supplements for Patty Loew’s Indian Nations of Wisconsin (2014) and Wisconsin Public Television’s Vel Phillips: Dream Big Dreams (2016). Kurt is currently Coordinator of Primary Education at the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Portrait of Susan O'Leary.

Susan O'Leary, Ph.D.

Susan O'Leary, Ph.D., is the co-author of the Teacher's Edition for "Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story." She has taught for over 20 years for the Madison Metropolitan School District. She has served as a reading specialist, literacy coach, ESL teacher and reading recovery teacher. Susan is the author of "Five Kids: Stories of Children Learning to Read" and co-author of "You Can Make a Difference: A Teachers Guide to Political Action." She speaks and consults throughout North America on literacy and teaching diverse learners.

Portrait of Mary Mullen.

Mary Mullen

Mary Mullen is the co-author of the Student Activity Guide for "Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story." She is a retired 4th-grade teacher who volunteers at the Wisconsin Historical Society to develop student-related activities. A lifetime resident and teacher for 19 years in Wisconsin, she also founded her neighborhood association and wrote a history book about her neighborhood. Mullen continues to work on environmental issues and communications in her community.

Textbook Advisory Board

  • John Broihahn
    State Archaeologist, Wisconsin Historical Society
  • Wonza Canada
    Assistant Principal, Milwaukee
  • Sharon Durtka
    Social Studies Consultant (former), Milwaukee
  • Heidi Ebert
    4th Grade Teacher, West Salem
  • John Hallagan
    4th Grade Teacher, Genesee Depot
  • Patty Harvey
    4th Grade Teacher (retired), Appleton
  • JP Leary
    American Indian Studies Consultant
    Division of Public Instruction
  • Nikki Mandell
    American Historian
    University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • Susan McLeod
    Director Chippewa Valley Museum, Eau Claire
  • Philip McDade
    Monona School Board
  • Mike McKinnon
    Curriculum Director, Janesville
  • Sally Michalko
    1st Grade Teacher and
    Social Studies Curriculum Director, Waukesha
  • Susan O'Leary
    Reading Specialist, Madison
  • Barb Rogers
    Reading Specialist, Muskego-Norway
  • Patty Schultz
    School Librarian, Madison
  • Angie Vetsch
    4th Grade Teacher, Spring Valley
  • Mark Waggoner
    5th Grade Teacher, Green Bay

Pilot Classrooms

  • Jules Cappelle, Monticello
  • Kris Cryns, Shorewood
  • Robin Fatzinger, Platteville
  • Angela Hopfensberger, Black Earth
  • Barbara Jurgens, Sheboygan
  • Melanie Lucht, Antigo
  • Denise Rostad, Platteville
  • Mindy Surges, Random Lake
  • Maria Covarrubias, Madison
  • Heidi Ebert, West Salem
  • Rita Helmeid, Random Lake
  • Ruth Jones, Oshkosh
  • JoLayne Lindberg, Oconomowoc
  • Laura Morgan, Milwaukee
  • Mary Speerstra, Whitehall
  • Gwen Williams, Random Lake

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