About the Spanish Edition of the 4th-Grade Textbook | Wisconsin Historical Society

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About the Spanish Edition of the First Edition Wisconsin History Textbook

About the Spanish Edition of the 4th-Grade Textbook | Wisconsin Historical Society
Wisconsin Nuestro Estado, Nuestra Historia, Segundo Edicion tapa del libro

'Wisconsin: Nuestro Estado, Nuestra Historia'

la edición en español del libro de texto de 4to grado, 'Wisconsin: Nuestro Estado, Nuestra Historia.'

by Bobbie Malone and Kori Oberle

Hardcover: $49.95
ISBN: 978-087020-512-5

256 pages, 10" x 9"
600 color illustrations
100 maps

Now available is the Spanish edition of the Wisconsin Historical Society Press' award-winning Wisconsin history textbook, "Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story." In partnership with Milwaukee Public Schools, the Press has translated the definitive state textbook into the Spanish edition: "Wisconsin: Nuestro Estado, Nuestra Historia."

All components of the textbook have been translated into Spanish including text, illustrations, maps, timelines and image captions.

"The translation of 'Wisconsin: Nuestro Estado, Nuestra Historia' provides equal access to Hispanic students as an integral part of our curriculum, through a well-explained and beautifully written account of our history as a state and its impact in the nation's history," said Christina Green, language specialist for the Milwaukee Public Schools. "This new book will also be enjoyable for parents and siblings alike."

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Enlarge La llegada a Wisconsin:inmigración y asentamiento•	Inmigración y migración: entonces y ahora•	Hacer el viaje•	Un cantero de Cornwall, Inglaterra, viene a Mineral Point•	Libres al fin•	Una granja alemana en el condado de Washington•	De Finlandia al condado de Bayfield•	Afortunados de estar en América•	Traemos Texas al norte, hasta Wisconsin•	El viaje de Mai Ya de Tailandia a Wisconsin•	Rememoramos la inmigración y el asentamiento en Wisconsin

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Página de muestra del Capítulo 6 de la edición en español, 'Wisconsin: Nuestro Estado, Nuestra Historia.'

Features of the Spanish Edition

  • Inquiry-Based History Approach
    "Wisconsin: Nuestro Estado, Nuestra Historia" teaches Wisconsin history through an inquiry-based approach with lively stories from famous and everyday Wisconsinites who shaped our past as well as timelines and pronunciation glossaries.
  • Aligned to Wisconsin Historical Society Resources
    The textbook incorporates a wealth of Society resources including illustrations, photographs and maps.
  • Framework Stimulates Critical Thinking
    The textbook encourages student participation with "Thinking Like a Historian" questions, literacy, vocabulary, strategies and other visual materials.
  • Supports Both Literacy and History Learning
    Dubbed the "first truly comprehensive textbook devoted to Wisconsin history for elementary students" by Tina Flood, executive director of curriculum and instruction for Milwaukee Public Schools, the state history textbook is designed to promote strong literacy and content skills — now in Spanish as well as English.

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  • Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story
    This definitive Wisconsin history textbook from the Wisconsin Historical Society is full color, visually stunning, and promotes strong literacy skills.

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