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Internships at the Wisconsin Historical Society | Wisconsin Historical Society

General Internships

Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable educational benefits as well as professional work experience. Although WHS does not have a structured internship program, individual requests will be considered on a case by case basis. Internships may be specialized or general depending on a student's interests, qualifications and on-going research projects. If you are seeking an internship for a course requirement or other educational benefit, please submit a cover letter explaining the area or work unit you are interested in interning for at the Society, your goals, and a description of the internship requirements, if applicable. Please note, most internships are unpaid.
To inquire about availability of an internship at the Wisconsin Historical Society, please submit your resume and cover letter to Dawn Garcia by email.

Museum Archaeology Program Internships

For more information about MAP internships, see the program's Field Work, Research Positions and Internships page.

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For general queries about employment or volunteer opportunities, please contact Dawn Garcia by email below: