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Chapter 4: The Fur Trade Era: Exploration and Exchange in Wisconsin | Wisconsin Historical Society

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Chapter 4: The Fur Trade Era: Exploration and Exchange

Supplemental materials for the 4th-grade textbook, 'Wisconsin: Our State Our Story'

Chapter 4: The Fur Trade Era: Exploration and Exchange in Wisconsin | Wisconsin Historical Society
EnlargeJean Nicolet emerging from a boat in Green Bay to greet a small group of Menomonee Indians.

The Landfall of Jean Nicolet, 1907

Chapter 4 introduces the Fur Trade Era of 1634 to 1832, when Europeans explorers first arrived in Wisconsin. It details how Nicolet, Marquette, Joliet and others witnessed early Wisconsin and went on to create economic and cultural exchanges with Wisconsin's native groups.

Students will learn about the consequences of these interactions as political control shifts from the tribes of the First Nations Indians to the French, then to the British, and finally to the newly created United States.

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Book cover for Digging and Discovery: Wisconsin Archaeology.

Digging and Discovery: Wisconsin Archaeology

by Diane Young Holliday and Bobbie Malone.

See Wisconsin documents and maps from the Paleo-, Archaic, Woodland-era Indians and rock art to the communities of the last three centuries.
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Book cover for Mapping Wisconsin History.

Mapping Wisconsin History

by the Wisconsin Cartographers' Guild and Bobbie Malone.

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