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Chapter 3: Wisconsin's First People | Wisconsin Historical Society

Classroom Material

Chapter 3: Wisconsin's First People

Supplemental materials for the 4th-grade textbook, 'Wisconsin: Our State Our Story'

Chapter 3: Wisconsin's First People | Wisconsin Historical Society
EnlargeWatercolor painting of a keyhole house and Woodland Indian children carrying logs. Similar to a wigwam.

Keyhole House, 800 BC - 1630 AD

Chapter 3 presents Wisconsin's First People through native oral traditions and through artifacts uncovered by archaeologists. They reveal clues about the many groups of people that lived in Wisconsin thousands of years ago.

Students will learn to identify the many different turning points which reshaped both the natural world and the lives of people long ago.

Find reproducible worksheets and other cross-curricular activities for this chapter in the Student Activity Guide.

Book cover for Mountain Wolf Woman: A Ho-Chunk Girlhood.

'Mountain Wolf Woman: A Ho-Chunk Girlhood'

By Diane Holliday

Learn about a Ho-Chunk girl's 1880s travels throughout Wisconsin as she helped her family hunt and gather food to survive.
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Book cover for Lizzie Kander and Her Cookbook.

'Native People of Wisconsin'

By Patty Loew

Introduce young readers to the early histories of Wisconsin's Indian Nations and how each group responded to European arrivals. 
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  • Chapter 3 Assessment
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