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Chapter 6: They Came to Wisconsin and They're Still Coming | Wisconsin Historical Society

Classroom Material

Chapter 6: Coming to Wisconsin: Immigration and Settlement

Supplemental materials for the 4th-grade textbook, 'Wisconsin: Our State Our Story'

Chapter 6: They Came to Wisconsin and They're Still Coming | Wisconsin Historical Society
EnlargeChildren and parents at an ethnic pride festival.

Children Celebrating Ethnic Pride

Chapter 6 covers immigration and migration in the 19th and 20th centuries. The goal of this chapter is to help students better understand migration, immigration and historical change in a meaningful way.

Seven mini-biographies serve as the principal content of the chapter, helping students get to know real Wisconsin residents past and present. These stories provide concrete examples for students to compare and contrast with the information they discover from interviewing their own families.

Find reproducible worksheets and other cross-curricular activities for this chapter in the Student Activity Guide.

Book cover for Mai Yas Long Journey.

'Mai Ya's Long Journey'

By Sheila Cohen

Read about the journey of Mai Ya Xiong and her family from a refugee camp in Thailand to a new life in Madison, Wisconsin.
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Book cover for Lizzie Kander and Her Cookbook.

'A Recipe for Success: Lizzie Kander and Her Cookbook'

By Bob Kann

Learn about Lizzie Kander, the young woman who wrote "The Settlement Cookbook" to help young Jewish immigrant girls cook nutritious "American-style" meals. 
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  • Chapter 6 Assessment
    (Word document, 3 pages, 743 KB) This assessment is a Microsoft Word document, which allows you to customize it for your classroom.

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  • Chapter 6 SMART Notebook Activities
    (.notebook format, 144 MB) To view or download interactive whiteboard resources, you'll need a login and password.  Learn more about how to access these materials on our Interactive Whiteboard Resources page. Interactive whiteboard files have been created on SMART Notebook 11 software and work best with SMART interactive whiteboard hardware.

Books Related to This Chapter

Field Trips Related to This Chapter

  • 'Immigration' Field Trip to Old World Wisconsin
    During this historic site field trip students will explore the Norwegian Area at Old World Wisconsin and learn why people half a world away would pack their belongings into a trunk and leave their homeland to come to America.
  • Field Trip to Pendarvis
    During this historic site field trip students will explore early 19th century immigration and settlement in southwest Wisconsin and discover how lead mining stimulated the flow of immigrants to the region.
  • 'Why History Matters' Guided Tour of the Wisconsin Historical Museum
    This one-hour guided tour introduces students to the main themes of the most recent 200 years of Wisconsin history. Students will discover how artifacts reflect history and what they reveal about our lives today. Students will be challenged to think critically about Wisconsin history and create personal connections to the past through museum exhibits.

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