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Historical Paper Category Guide for NHD (PDF)

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Historical Paper Category Guide (PDF) | National History Day in Wiscon | Wisconsin Historical Society

A historical paper is the traditional form for presenting historical research and interpretation. As an alternative to a research paper, students may choose to write an historically-based creative paper, such as a fictional diary or an epic poem. Please note: The historical paper category is for individual students only

Calling all aspiring writers interested in creating a historical research paper for National History Day!

  • Download the Historical Paper Category Guide
    (292 KB, PDF)

    The historical paper category guide provides an overview of:

    • The basic framework for National History Day historical research papers
    • Historical paper category rules
    • The historical paper writing process
    • Frequently asked questions about historical papers
    • Citations in NHD historical papers
    • Tips for creating a spectacular historical paper
    • The qualities of a good NHD historical paper

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