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Wisconsin Adventures: Myths & Legends

Wisconsin Adventures

We're Celebrating 50 Years of
Dungeons & Dragons

2024 marks the 50th anniversary of the Wisconsin-born, world-famous tabletop roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons. And we are celebrating with the introduction of a new D&D-inspired gaming module, Myths & Legends merchandise, special events and a new collections initiative!

Now Available: Wisconsin Adventures Gaming Module

"From somewhere below you hear a low howling noise. Is it the wind? Mustering your courage, you proceed. Did anybody bring a torch?"

Wisconsin Adventures combines the myths and legends of Wisconsin’s past with immersive learning* opportunities of fantasy roleplaying in this new 5e compatible adventure from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Wisconsin Adventures presents a mythical Wisconsin filled with the legends and lore familiar to many. A werewolf on the prowl frightening travelers along a dark road; a ferocious lizard-like creature that feasts on livestock by the light of the moon; a knight errant on a quest to save the village from an ancient curse, and more.

Students engaged in the playful learning that is the basis of Wisconsin Adventures will be immersed in literacy skills, social studies, and mathematics. From reading for information to creating their own narratives, Wisconsin Adventures places learning at the heart of the stories the students make for themselves.

Put on your best half-plate, prep your spell book and pack your rope, adventurer, it's time to roll your D20 through the scenarios of this new game.

A Knight at the Museum

A knight has gone missing! Bell the Crazed vowed to find the village of Wade’s missing citizens, but she hasn’t been seen since entering the swamp! Will the heroes brave the swamp and face the evil in the ancient ruins of the museum?

The Hunt for the Hodag

A small village is plagued by a mystical creature that only comes out at night and slaughters their livestock. Worse, the forest around them has begun growing darker, with fell creatures everywhere

The Beast of Bray Road

Wade of Wade’s Inn has been missing for months, and terrible creatures stalk the town of Oxblood.

Myths & Legends Merchandise!

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The History of the Game

Did you know that this groundbreaking tabletop fantasy game originated in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin? Co-creators Gary Gygax (Wisconsin) and Dave Arneson (Minnesota) and their cohorts developed D&D incrementally over several years, and Gygax’s company, Tactical Studies Rules (TSR) published the game rules in January 1974. D&D, which allows players to inhabit characters who journey through worlds of magic and mystery, is considered the first modern role playing game (RPG). Players work together to defeat monsters and win treasure, as they strive to overcome challenges laid out for them by a Dungeon Master (or DM).

In its 50 years D&D has grown from a niche hobby played by a handful of war gamers into a worldwide phenomenon played by an estimated 50 million people!

The Wisconsin Historical Society has an ambitious effort underway to collect meaningful D&D artifacts and oral histories to help share the stories of the game that has brought so many people together.

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Collectors edition white box set of original D&D module published by TSR Hobbies Inc., Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, 1977. This example is from the sixth printing of the game first published in 1974. WHM object F2023.52.1a-f

The white box that contained all the pieces of the set. It has red and black coloring for the text and features an illustration of a wizard fighting some sort of goblin-like monsters. It reads 'Dungeons and Dragons: Rules for fantastic medieval wargames campaigns playable with paper and pencil and miniature figures. Gygax & Arneson. 3-Volume Set. Published by Tactical Studies Rules.' Collectors edition white box set of original D&D module published by TSR Hobbies INC., Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, 1977. This expample is from the sixth printing of the ground breaking fantasy roleplaying game first pub in 1974. The cover featuring a winged creature with the body of a horse and the head of eagle on beige colored card stock, mostly black ink but the title is in deep blue. It reads 'Dungeons and Dragons: Rules for fantastic medieval wargames campaigns playable with paper and pencil and miniature figures. Gygax & Arneson. The Underworld & Wilderness adventures. Volume 3 of three booklets. Published by Tactical Studies Rules.'

*Wisconsin Content and Standards

Within each adventure players will interact with characters inspired by historical figures, Wisconsin mythology, and actual locations. The historic background of each is provided at the end of the module, as well as an extensive list of English/Language Arts and Social Studies standards that can be met within the structure of the game.

Compatibility: This work includes material taken from the System Reference Document 5.1 (“SRD 5.1”) by Wizards of the Coast LLC and available at https://dnd.wizards.com/resources/systems-reference-document. The SRD 5.1 is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License available at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode.

 For more information on Wisconsin Adventures, please contact Kurt Griesemer | education@wisconsinhistory.org