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Great Ships on the Great Lakes | Wisconsin Historical Society

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Great Ships on the Great Lakes

A Maritime History Teacher's Guide

Great Ships on the Great Lakes | Wisconsin Historical Society

Teach maritime history in your classroom with Great Ships on the Great Lakes, published by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press!

EnlargeThe cover of 'Great Ships on the Great Lakes'


This compelling book for young readers explores the history of the region’s rivers, lakes, and inland seas—and the ships and people who navigated them, battled upon them, and settled along them. Designed for the upper elementary classroom with emphasis on Michigan and Wisconsin, the book includes a timeline of events, on-page vocabulary, and a list of resources and places to visit. More than twenty maps highlight the region’s maritime history. 

Learn more about the book here.

The Wisconsin Historical Society Press offers a free teacher's guide to help you use this title in your classroom. The guide includes 18 classroom activities, arranged by chapter, including lessons on exploring shipwrecks and learning how glaciers moved across the landscape.

Download the free teacher's guide here.