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Wisconsin's Cultural Resource Management Plan

Wisconsin's Cultural Resource Management Plan | Wisconsin Historical Society

In 1986, the Wisconsin State Historic Preservation Office published the three-volume Cultural Resource Management in Wisconsin. This document provides recommendations for preservation activities undertaken by the state, including historic property surveys, overview of threats to historic resources, historic contexts to help evaluate the historical significance of a property, and a list of National Register of Historic Places nominations for similar properties.

The CRMP presents concise overviews of Wisconsin history arranged according to theme. Each major theme is divided into study units that provide historical background, geographical data, resource types related to the theme, and bibliographical information. The CRMP provides a statewide perspective useful to understand how a local historic property compares to others of its type. Intensive survey reports should be organized using a similar thematic format. A survey report includes a discussion of each theme and study unit that pertains to the survey area. The Wisconsin SHPO requires that National Register nominations  include an evaluation using the CRMP to develop appropriate contexts for eligibility.


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