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2019 Reuben Gold Thwaites Trophy Award Winner Announced

2019 Reuben Gold Thwaites Trophy Award Winner Announced | Wisconsin Historical Society

The Manitowoc County Historical Society received the 2019 Reuben Gold Thwaites Trophy for Local History from the Wisconsin Historical Society. The award recognizes the impact of the Manitowoc County Historical Society's services and the role it has played in preserving and sharing the unique history of this community.

About the Manitowoc County Historical Society

The Manitowoc County Historical Society is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization that collects, interprets, preserves, and promotes the history and heritage of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, in order to educate the public and heighten its understanding and appreciation of the past as it proceeds into the future. Formed in 1906, MCHS is one of the oldest historical societies in Wisconsin and was also one of the earliest societies to become an affiliate of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

MCHS currently serves over 11,000 people each year through daily tours, research services, first-rate programs, and events. They keep thorough computerized records on each of their 14,000 documents, artifacts, and photographs, and have two paid employees (one full-time director and one part-time program coordinator) in addition to 150 volunteers. Over the past five years, MCHS has made strides in improving their financial sustainability, public programs, colletions management, and museum growth.

About the Award

Named for the Wisconsin Historical Society's second director, the Reuben Gold Thwaites Trophy recognizes one local historical society each year that has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a record of success in collecting and preserving local history in its various forms.

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