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Understanding Bias

A Classroom Resource for grades 6-8

Understanding Bias Lesson Plan for Grades 6-8 | Wisconsin Historical Society

Understanding Bias - A Classroom Resource for Grades 6-8

Using critical thinking skills to sort through media bias is crucial to being an informed citizen. Students today face an overwhelming number of choices when seeking information. By using historic resources, educators can introduce the topic of media bias away from the hot button topics of the day.

Enduring Understanding

By using the past to inform the present, students learn critical thinking skills necessary to detect bias in the media as well as obtaining a deeper understanding of the ideas of citizenship, free speech, civil rights, suffrage, women’s history, patriarchy, and more.

Essential Questions

  • What is bias?
  • How is bias used to influence opinions?
  • How do political cartoons reflect social struggles?
  • How do individuals’ choices on media sources influence their understanding of issues?

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