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World War I Centennial Commemoration

Remembering the Events from 100 Years Ago

World War I Centennial Commemoration | Wisconsin Historical Society

The Wisconsin Historical Society and surrounding UW-Madison campus libraries provide access to over 15,000 publications about World War I.  The Society's archives preserves more than 400 unique primary source collections documenting the human catastrophe.  These resources tell the stories of service members at the front, as well as those on the Wisconsin homefront.

Although the Wisconsin Historical Society has many war-related collections, the Wisconsin Veterans Museum  is an important resource for documenting the experiences of servicemembers.

How the World War I Collections Are Organized


To commemorate the centennial of U.S. entry into the war, the Society is selectively digitizing a range of documents, photographs, posters, and other materials about the war.


The Library has an extensive collection of published materials on World War I, which include general histories, regimental histories, and works on finance, women’s roles in the war, major campaigns, food supply issues, liberty bonds, propaganda, veterans affairs, aerial operations, religious aspects of the war, and much more. See the Library Catalog to search for these resources.

Unpublished manuscripts and Wisconsin government archives are available in the Society’s Archives. These collections cover such topics as regimental histories, personal accounts, women’s roles in the war, public opinion, veterans affairs, and much more. Search the Library Catalog for names, topics, battles, and more.

Original images and maps are only available in the Archives and do not circulate, but many materials are being digitized and made available remotely.

Checking Out Materials

Most of the published materials in this collection can be found in the Society's Library. Check availability in the Library Catalog. Although unpublished materials in the Archives do not circulate, they can be viewed in Madison or sent to any of our 13 Area Research Centers around the state.

Purchasing Copies

Reproductions of most images in this collection are available for purchase. For more information about licensing commercial uses or purchasing reproductions, click "Buy a Copy" beneath most documents or contact us. Photocopies of documents in the physical collections are available for a fee.

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