Susan Frackelton recalls the Wheelock School for Girls (1926)

The Wheelock School for Girls: and their memorial scholarship.

Wisconsin ceramic artist Susan Frackelton wrote this brief account of the Wheelock School for Girls at the request of the faculty of the Milwaukee-Downer College in September 1926. Founded by Edwin H. Goodrich in 1860, the Wheelock School for Girls was taught in Milwaukee by two sisters named Wheelock from 1860 to 1875. It was considered an elite private school for affluent girls, and graduated only 100 students during its years of operation. Alumnae endowed a scholarship at Milwaukee Downer College in 1926, and Frackelton wrote this little memoir for that occasion.

A collection of Frackelton's manuscripts and her book, Tried By Fire (New York: Appleton, 1886), are also included at Turning Points in Wisconsin History. Images of her pottery can be viewed in our Curators' Favorites and Wisconsin Historical Images collections. Twelve pieces by her can also be viewed in the Wisconsin Decorative Arts Database.

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Creator: Frackelton, Susan Goodrich, 1848-1932
Pub Data: Milwaukee, Wis.: The School, 1926; from a copy in the Wisconsin Historical Society Library, call no. Pam 57- 881
Citation: Frackelton, Susan Goodrich. The Wheelock School for Girls: and Their Memorial Scholarship. (Milwaukee: The School, 1926). Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 5/18/2021