Dozens of essays that point to hundreds of eyewitness accounts, pictures, and museum objects.

Early Native Peoples

Geography, First Peoples, Indian Mounds, Aztalan, Iroquois Wars

1 Early Explorers, Traders, & Settlers

Contact, Colonialism, Fur Trade, Northwest Ordinance, War of 1812

Territory to Statehood

Black Hawk War, Treaties, Territorial Era, Settlement, Constitutions

5 Immigration & Settlement

Immigration, Railroads, Steamships, Cities, Social Institutions

Civil War Era

Abolition, Home Front, Military Affairs, Republicans

2 Mining, Lumber & Agriculture

Wild Rice, Lead Mining, Logging, Northern Mining, Dairy Farming

Progressive Era

Americanization, Labor, La Follette, Wisconsin Idea, Conservation, Suffrage, Tourism

4 20th Century Wars & Conflicts

World War I, World War II, Cold War, Vietnam

Prosperity, Depression, Industrialization & Urbanization

Electricity, Automobiles, Manufacturing, Socialism, Prohibition, Depression

3 Response to 20th Century Change

Modern Indians, Sports, African-American Migration, Environmentalism, Immigration, Civil Rights, Thompson Era