Jun 8 - Oct 14 :: Wade House :: Greenbush

Get a rare glimpse of the construction of the original Taliesin (Taliesin 1) and a Frank Lloyd Wright horse-drawn omnibus

Jun 1 - Sep 3 :: Old World Wisconsin :: Eagle

Come see everything Old World Wisconsin has to offer this summer!

Jun 6 - Jun 26 :: Atkinson Branch, Milwaukee Public Library :: Milwaukee

Commemorate the 50th anniversary of Milwaukee's fair housing marches by visiting the traveling display from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Jun 18 - Jul 15 :: Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park :: Danbury

Explore this new water themed traveling exhibit that travels through Wisconsin's long relationship with water and the impact we have had on our waterways.

Jun 23 - Jun 24 :: Wade House :: Greenbush

Enjoy a reenactment of infamous Wild West figures and showdowns.

Special Event

Civil War Day Camp

Jun 25 - Jun 29 :: Wade House :: Greenbush

The Civil War era comes to life in this engaging day camp designed just for kids!

Jun 25 - Jun 29 :: Wisconsin Historical Museum :: Madison

If you like animals and you like stories, this is the camp for you! For grades 1 through 3.

Museum Camps

Apprentice Camp

Jun 25 - Jun 28 :: Old World Wisconsin :: Eagle

Be more than a guest. Be an Apprentice.

Jun 25 :: Discovery World's Pilot House :: Milwaukee

Book Launch Event at the Pilot House

Jun 26 :: Wisconsin Historical Museum :: Madison

Archivist Julia Wong shares highlights from the Wisconsin Historical Society’s menu collection, which ranges from the mid-1800s to the present day.

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