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On This Day: August 4

1862 - War Department Order Prompts Riot

On this date the War Department issued General Order No.99, requesting by draft 300,000 troops to reinforce the Union armies in the Civil War. This action reinforced public sentiment against the draft and prompted the citizens in Port Washington, Ozaukee County to riot in protest.

1862 - (Civil War) Reconnaissance at Bay Springs, Mississippi

The 8th Wisconsin Light Artillery participated in a reconnaissance at Bay Springs, Mississippi.

1874 - Dane County Pioneer Dies

On this date John Catlin, Dane County pioneer, died at the age of 71 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Catlin was Dane County's first lawyer, district attorney, and county judge. Although he is buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York, his wife and daughter erected a memorial to him at Forest Hill Cemetery in Madison. One of Dane County's first settlers, Catlin served as the county's first postmaster, clerk of the territorial legislature from 1838-1846, and territorial secretary from 1846-1848. He also served as President of the Milwaukee and Mississippi Railroad Company, the first railroad in Wisconsin. [Source: Wisconsin State Journal - May 25 1924]

1904 - James Taylor Lewis Dies

On this date Wisconsin Governor James Taylor Lewis died in Columbus. Taylor was born on October 30, 1819, in Clarendon, New York. After migrating to Columbus, Wisconsin, in 1845, Lewis served as district attorney, probate judge, delegate to the 1847-1848 Constitutional Convention, State Assemblyman in 1852, State Senator in 1853, Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State in 1861. He served as governor from 1864 to 1866. Lewis refused renomination for a second term. After 1866, Lewis returned to Columbus where he resumed his legal career and pursued the quiet life of a gentleman-farmer. He died in 1904 and is buried in Columbus. [Source: First Ladies of Wisconsin-The Governors' Wives by Nancy G. Williams, p.255]

1942 - Joseph McCarthy Sworn in as First Lieutenant

On this date 33-year-old Joseph McCarthy was sworn in as a first lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps. He was trained as an intelligence officer and assigned to the Pacific Theater. [Source: Joseph McCarthy: A Modern Tragedy]