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On This Day: July 31

1858 - Burlington Public School Construction Begins

On this date construction began on the first public school in Burlington. Burlington had two private schools but lacked a public school until this time. The school opened the following year. [Source: Burlington, Wisconsin: The First 150+ Years]

1864 - (Civil War) Siege of Petersburg, Virgina, resumes

After the previous day's failed mine assault, the Siege at Petersburg resumed its dangerous and tedious trench warfare. The 4th Wisconsin Light Artillery along with the 5th, 6th, 7th, 19th, 36th, 37th and 38th Wisconsin Infantry regiments took part in this siege.

1931 - Thai Royalty Visit Janesville

On this date Prince and Princess Svasti, parents of the queen of Siam (Thailand), and their son, Prince Arjuna, visited Mr. and Mrs. George Parker in Janesville. [Source: Janesville Gazette]

1967 - Lake Geneva Bans Go-Go Girls

On this date the Lake Geneva city government passed an ordinance banning go-go girls, dancers in bikinis, and swimsuit-clad waitresses from working in establishments that served alcohol. [Source: Janesville Gazette]