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On This Day: June 25

1863 - (Civil War) Expedition to Greenville, Mississippi

The 25th Wisconsin Infantry participated in an expedition from Snyder's Bluff to Greenville, Mississippi.

1874 - Alice Craig Edgerton Born

On this date Alice Craig Edgerton was born in Caldwell, Wisconsin. She attended Carroll College where she received a B.A. in 1893. Craig married Charles Edgerton in 1896 and moved to Chicago. After her husband's death, she worked as a secretary to a judge who encouraged her to attend law school. One of three women in her 1910 graduating class at Chicago Kent College of Law, Edgerton received an LL.M. degree in 1911.. In 1923, Alice returned to Mukwonago where she opened a law office from which she practiced law until her death in 1946. She was the first female member the Waukesha County Bar Association in 1926. Edgerton was author of several books, including Queen Nature's Fairy Helpers, Thirty Complete Debates, A Speech for Every Occasion, and Juvenile Selections and Dialogues. Edgerton was the recipient of an award from the Wisconsin Federation of Women's Clubs for professional achievement and public service in 1941. Additionally, Alice Craig Edgerton founded both Kappa Beta Pi, the first international legal sorority organized, and the Woman's Bar Association of Illinois. [Source: Wisconsin Bar Association]

1893 - First Commencement Held at Northland College

On this date the first graduates of Northland College attended their commencement ceremony at the Congressional Church. The graduates included three men and three women. The college was referred to as an Environmental Liberal Arts College and is known today for the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute and the Native American Studies Program. [Source: "B" Book I, Beer Bottles, Brawls, Boards, Brothels, Bibles, Battles & Brownstone, Tony Woiak, pg 11]

1950 - Korean War Starts

On this date Communist North Korea invaded the Republic of Korea. The Korean War, often called the "forgotten war," involved more than 132,000 Wisconsinites. [Source: History Just Ahead: A Guide to Wisconsin's Historical Markers edited by Sarah Davis McBride, p. 112]

1966 - Sheboygan Indian Mound Park Donated

On this date 15 acres of effigy mounds in Sheboygan were donated to the city by the Sheboygan Area Garden Clubs, to be maintained as a park. The mounds date to 500-750 A.D. and are shaped like deer and panthers. [Source: History Just Ahead: A Guide to Wisconsin Historical Markers edited by Sarah Davis McBride, p. 54]