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On This Day: March 30

1865 - (Civil War) Battle at Gravelly Run, Virginia

The Battle at Gravelly Run erupted east of Petersburg, Virginia. The 6th, 7th and 36th Wisconsin Infantry regiments participated in this battle, which was one of a series of engagements that ultimately drove Confederate forces out of Petersburg. Wisconsin's Iron Brigade regiments fought at Gravelly Run, and when ordered to fall back before the enemy, they were the last to leave the field.

1891 - Pfister Monument and Academy Dedicated

On this date the Pfister Monument in Milwaukee was dedicated. The idea for the four-story building, located on Broadway, was conceived by Guido Pfister, a leader within Milwaukee's German community and founder of the city's first tannery. It eventually housed the German-American Academy, and the Teachers' and Turners' Seminaries. [Source: Milwaukee Sentinel,  March 15 1891]