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Visual Materials Subject Overview

Learn about the wide range of visual materials subjects available to view both online and in our Archives
Historical Essay

Exploring the Eclectic Harold Gauer Collection - Image Gallery Essay

The Many Varied Photographs
Read about the diverse career of photographer Harold Gauer, who is perhaps best known for his humorous photographs.
Historical Essay

Portraits of Scientists - Image Gallery Essay

Increase Lapham's Cartes-de-visite Collection
View this magnificent collection of 19th century famous scientists collected by Wisconsin naturalist Increase Lapham.
Historical Essay

Up in Smoke: The Story of the 1904 Wisconsin State Capitol Fire - Image Gallery Essay

Learn more about the 1904 fire that destroyed the third Wisconsin State Capitol.
Historical Essay

Manitowoc-Two Rivers History Showcased - Image Gallery Essay

The Story of Two Communities Through Photographs
Read about the history of Manitowoc and Two Rivers, two Wisconsin communities, and view photos documenting more than 150 years of life in the two cities.
Historical Essay

Simon L. Stein's Portraits of Leading Citizens - Image Gallery Essay

Read about the career of Milwaukee-based photographer Simon L. Stein who is known for his portraits of prominent Wisconsin citizens.
Historical Essay

Wisconsin State Fair - Image Gallery Essay

View a pictorial review of the Wisconsin State Fair from 1851 when it began.
Historical Essay

Picturing the Baraboo, Dells and Devil's Lake Region - Image Gallery Essay

Harry Ellsworth Cole
Cole's photographs show scenic views of the Dells and Devil's Lake area as well as geological features throughout Sauk County.
Historical Essay

Remembering Madison - Image Gallery Essay

The Lloyd Jones Family Album
Read about the career of The Capital Times founder Richard Lloyd Jones and browse through photographs he and his wife took while living in Madison.
Historical Essay

An Earth Day Gallery in Gaylord Nelson's Honor - Image Gallery Essay

Read about Earth Day's founder, Gaylord Nelson, a Wisconsin senator and early environmentalist.
Historical Essay

Interweaving the Autobiographical, the Philosophical and the Visual - Image Gallery Essay

Photographs by Richard Quinney
Discover the photographs of Richard Quinney from his book "Things Once Seen," containing more than 40 years of photos documenting his life.
Historical Essay

H.H. Bennett - Image Gallery Essay

An Inventive and Imaginative Photographer
Learn about H.H. Bennett, the 19th-century photographer of Wisconsin Dells landscapes.
Historical Essay

Gugler Lithographic World War II Mobilization Posters - Image Gallery Essay

Discover the famous lithographic company most known for its WWII posters whose goal was to mobilize public support for the American war effort.
Historical Essay

Construction of the World Trade Center, 1969 - Image Gallery Essay

Photographs by Richard Quinney
View photographs of the 1969 construction of the New York City World Trade Center.
Historical Essay

American History Through Christmas Cards - Image Gallery Essay

Learn about the history of Christmas cards and their various uses during World War I and II, and in postwar America.
Historical Essay

Photo Copy Service Photographers Capture the Essence of Madison - Image Gallery Essay

View the online collection of Photo Copy Service photographs taken in Madison from the 1920s through 1960s.
Historical Essay

George Barnard's Photographic Views of Sherman's Campaign - Image Gallery Essay

Black-and-white photographs taken and printed by Civil War-era photographer George N. Barnard.
Historical Essay

Menu Gallery: Image Gallery Essay

A Wisconsin Historical Society Menu Sampler
View menus selected from the collections of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

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