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Historical Essay

Ephraim Burt Trimpey, 'Photo Artist' from Baraboo - Image Gallery Essay

Learn about the life and career of self-proclaimed 'Photo Artist' from Baraboo who had a vast range of photographic abilities.
Historical Essay

Breweries, Beer and Bars in Wisconsin History - Image Gallery Essay

Ever wonder why beer is so popular in Wisconsin? Wisconsin history is full of breweries and beer.
Historical Essay

Harry Dankoler - Image Gallery Essay

Avid Amateur Photographer
Learn about the career of photographer Harry Dankoler, who captured images of his experiences throughout life and experimented with photo manipulation.
Historical Essay

Letterheads - Image Gallery Essay

Promotions on Paper, 1850s-1975
Custom-designed letterheads were a universal way of proclaiming who you were. Historical letterheads are prime examples of early branding.
Historical Essay

Horses to Horsepower - Image Gallery Essay

Automobiles in Wisconsin History
Read about the evolution of the automotive industry and the drastic changes in manufacturing work, road infrastructure, the economy and American culture.
Historical Essay

Industrial Milwaukee - Image Gallery Essay

Images of Pawling & Harnischfeger Electric Cranes
Discover how Wisconsin-based company Pawling & Harnischfeger became one of the world's leading suppliers of manufacturing services.
Historical Essay

The Wisconsin Free Library Commission - Image Gallery Essay

Photographs of Public Libraries in Wisconsin
Learn about how the Wisconsin Free Library Commission helped to establish and improve free public libraries in Wisconsin.
Historical Essay

International Harvester Glass Negative Series, 1900-1939 - Image Gallery Essay

View the International Harvester Glass Negative Series featuring images of farmers, animals, factory workers, tractors, small-town life and more.
Historical Essay

Up in Smoke: The Story of the 1904 Wisconsin State Capitol Fire - Image Gallery Essay

Learn more about the 1904 fire that destroyed the third Wisconsin State Capitol.
Historical Essay

The Winther Motor Company in Kenosha, Wisconsin - Image Gallery Essay

A Collection of Photographs
Photographs of Winther Motor company offer insight into early 20th century manufacturing.
Historical Essay

Fill 'er Up - Image Gallery Essay

A Historical Look at Service Stations
Photographs of Wisconsin gas stations portray the development of service station architecture.
Historical Essay

Portraits of Scientists - Image Gallery Essay

Increase Lapham's Cartes-de-visite Collection
View this magnificent collection of 19th century famous scientists collected by Wisconsin naturalist Increase Lapham.
Historical Essay

Valentine's Day Greeting Cards - Image Gallery Essay

View this beautiful collection of Valentine's Day greeting cards collected from 1840 through 1980.
Historical Essay

William Donahey's Teenie Weenies - Image Gallery Essay

The "Teenie Weenies" cartoons enchanted readers of all ages for more than 50 years. View this selection of cartoons by William Donahey.
Historical Essay

Theresa Township Over Time - Image Gallery Essay

Jim Widmer's "Spirit of Rural Wisconsin," Part I
Explore Jim Widmer's photographs of Theresa, Wisconsin.
Historical Essay

Angora - Image Gallery Essay

Rabbit Raising in German Concentration Camps
View this unusual photo album, the cover of which is made of angora rabbit wool, to see how the rabbits were raised in concentration camps.
Historical Essay

Images of Madison - Image Gallery Essay

Madison's 150th Anniversary
View this collection of images of Madison, Wisconsin from the collections of the Wisconsin Historical Society.
Historical Essay

McCormick-International Harvester Collection — Image Gallery Essay

Farming in America
Discover the history of the International Harvester Company through the Wisconsin Historical Society's images

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