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Peshtigo Fire

Description: Families huddled in a field in the Sugar Bushes, attempting to escape the Peshtigo Fire.

Cemetery for War Dead from Iwo Jima

Date: March 1945
Description: The cemetery for the war dead on Guam. The body of a fighting man who died of wounds received during the battle for Iwo Jima is being lowered into the eart...

Workman Filling International Model "63" Coal and Ice Truck

Date: 1927
Description: African American workman filling an International Model "63" coal and ice truck. The truck was owned by George Jaekel & Son Coal and Ice Company based in...

Groundbreaking at Preschool

Date: November 20 1963
Description: A three-year-old poses with a man-sized shovel of soil during a groundbreaking ceremony at the site of a new preschool. Behind him is a large steam shovel.

Zinc Miners

Date: 1910
Description: Zinc miners posing with an ore bucket down in a mine.

Shoveling Snow

Date: 1925
Description: Winter scene with a man and young boy shoveling snow from a sidewalk after a heavy snowfall.

Telephone Company Truck

Date: May 20 1960
Description: Black Earth telephone company maintenance truck in front of the local office.

Construction Of Streetcar Tracks

Date: 1905
Description: Construction crew building a double streetcar track around the Capitol Square on North Pinckney Street. The oversized awnings were common around the Square...

Arnold Zander Making Slush for Ice Skating Rink Border

Date: January 15 1946
Description: Arnold S. Zander making slush for ice skating rink border at 175 Virginia Terrace.

McKay Nurseries Field

Date: May 07 1937
Description: Group of men digging with shovels in the McKay Nursery evergreens field.

University of Wisconsin Tent Colony Officers

Date: June 28 1933
Description: Group portrait of eight male University of Wisconsin tent colony officers. One man is holding a gun, and another is holding a shovel. The camp is also know...

Boy Scouts Planting a Tree

Date: November 12 1931
Description: Boy Scouts planting a Norway spruce tree on "George Washington Drive," a stretch of road a mile long on Highway 51, extending north from the intersection w...

University of Wisconsin-Madison Athletes Digging at Camp Randall

Date: August 06 1931
Description: Five University of Wisconsin-Madison athletes (L. to R. Walter Gnabah, Russel Rebholz, George Wright, McClure Thompson, and William Eller) shoveling dirt a...

Fire Damaged Texaco Station

Date: January 17 1931
Description: Fire-damaged furnace and pump room in Texaco service station.

Kilowatt Clubhouse

Date: October 17 1928
Description: Two men are standing with shovels outside the Kilowatt Clubhouse, 5311 Tonyawatha Trail, on Lake Monona. It became the home of Fred Rasmussen.

Kilowatt Clubhouse

Date: October 17 1928
Description: Two men are standing in front of the Kilowatt Clubhouse, 5311 Tonyawatha Trail, Monona, on the shore of Lake Monona. It became the home of Fred Rasmussen.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Description: Developers, local dignitaries, and other businessmen participate in a ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the Park Tower Apartments.

Ginseng Beds

Date: 1938
Description: Workers preparing ginseng beds in northern Wisconsin.

Winter Street Scene

Date: 1899
Description: Winter scene of two men standing on a snowy street with the Wisconsin State Capitol visible in the background. They are holding snow shovels.

Excavation of Outlet Mound 5

Date: May 30 1931
Description: W.P. and Vivian Morgan, Grace Rollins and ? Mills excavate a burial mound in the Outlet group at the foot of Lake Monona on May 30, 1931.

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