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Child Welfare Special Vehicle

Date: 1937
Description: Wisconsin State Board of Health's vehicle the "Child Welfare Special".

Bathing Baby in Tub

Date: 1937
Description: Dr. Hunter of the Wisconsin Board of Health bathes a baby in a tub of water.

Rat Poison Distribution by Boy Scouts

Description: A man distributes rat poison, which was invented by Dr. Link, to a Boy Scout to place in rat-infested areas. They are standing in front of the Village Hall...

Meeting "Happy Tooth"

Date: April 24 1989
Description: Children meet "Happy Tooth," a robot sponsored by Colgate toothpaste on a 30-state tour to promote dental hygiene to young school children.

Beach Toss

Date: August 12 1984
Description: A bikini-clad woman snaps a self-portrait with a long cable release attached to a camera as she is tossed into the air by a group of men on the beach. Othe...

Polio Shot Time

Date: November 15 1955
Description: All seven siblings in the Marnell family lining up for their polio inoculations.

Community Polio Vaccine

Description: Tables are set up at a City Hall basement lobby as a venue for public access to the polio vaccine.

Beating the Bug

Date: December 13 1968
Description: A firefighter gets a flu shot made available to city workers in the lobby of the municipal building to avoid contracting the Hong Kong flu.

Health for Victory Stage Set

Date: September 17 1942
Description: Health for Victory stage, set up with posters, stove and refrigerator for Oscar Mayer at the Eastwood Theater. On the stage is a woman pointing to a poster...

Children at Morningside Sanitorium

Date: June 01 1935
Description: Group portrait of children with tuberculosis and their attendants, and with a man and woman in Salvation Army uniforms, sitting in a classroom at the Morni...

Kiddie Camp Display Window

Date: April 27 1934
Description: Three little girls, members of the Emerson Fresh Air school and the Longfellow Nutrition room, playing with puppies in the Capital Times Kiddie Camp...

Kiddie Camp Children

Date: April 27 1934
Description: Three members of the Emerson Fresh Air school and the Longfellow Nutrition room eating at a table to demonstrate that the Kiddie Camp's provision of good n...

Vocational Students Mail Christmas Seals

Date: November 29 1933
Description: A group of Madison vocational school students preparing Christmas Seals for distribution by the Madison Anti-Tuberculosis Association.

Boy Scouts with Christmas Seal Posters

Date: November 25 1933
Description: A group portrait of Boy Scouts and adult leaders armed with tacks, hammers and posters to promote the sale of Christmas Seals.

The Health Of The Child Is The Power Of The Nation

Date: 1918
Description: A group of children walking up a grassy hill together, with text that reads: "The health of the child is the power of the nation," and "Children's Year." C...
Book or Pamphlet

Tuberculosis Must Go

Date: May 25 1928
Description: Cover of a booklet produced by International Harvester's Agricultural Extension Department to help prevent the spread of tuberculosis. Includes the text:...

Important Causes of Death in Wisconsin 1912

Date: 1912
Description: Illustration of a chart listing "important causes of death in Wisconsin". Extra text reads "You Make Life What It Is!" and "What will the Future bring You...

Mrs. Lawrence J. McCormick, Christmas Seal Chairman

Date: November 08 1955
Description: Mrs. Lawrence J. McCormick, former patient at Lake View Sanatorium, looking at her chest x-ray with Dr. John K. Shumate. Mrs. McCormick was chairman of the...

Nurse with Native Americans

Description: A nurse poses on steps with a Native American mother and four children.

Visiting Nurse Service Staff Nurses

Date: April 11 1944
Description: L. Lee, 1822 Helena Street, Norma Epermann, 217 North Orchard Street, and Mary Sherburne, 222 South Carroll Street, preparing supplies. Public health visi...

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