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Hank Aaron at Bat

Date: April 01 1955
Description: Henry "Hank" Aaron at bat during a Milwaukee Braves pre-season game.

Babe Ruth

Date: October 15 1935
Description: Babe Ruth, wearing a dressing gown, signing autographs from a train car during a stopover in Madison.

Indian School Baseball Team

Date: 1925
Description: Indian school (U.S. Indian Service) baseball team, posed in uniform during a baseball game.

John Morrell

Description: Cigarette Advertising Trade Cards produced Allen and Ginter. Depicted is John Morrell, a first baseman for Boston.

Kriec and Kloff [sic]

Description: Cigarette Advertising Trade Card produced by Old Judge Cigarettes. Depicted are Bill Krieg and Gus Klopf, two Minneapolis Millers baseball players.

L.F. Jevne

Description: Cigarette Advertising Trade Card produced by Old Judge Cigarettes. Depicted is L.F. Jevne, a baseball player from Minneapolis.

Baseball Park

Date: 1924
Description: View of an empty baseball park with a bluff in the background.

A Sure-Fire Winner

Date: June 17 1929
Description: Advertising placard for McCormick-Deering tractor service showing a cartoon of men playing baseball with onlookers peering over a fence. Dialog balloons co...

Substandard Housing in Milwaukee

Date: March 1909
Description: Sandlot baseball game in front of a house and several outbuildings, all in dilapidated condition.

Semi-Pro Baseball

Date: 1915
Description: Two men playing baseball for semi-pro teams in a Milwaukee ballpark.

Warren Spahn

Date: 1953
Description: Warren Spahn, famous left-handed pitcher of the Milwaukee Braves baseball team, completes a pitch to the batter.

Eddie Mathews Slides into Home

Date: July 07 1957
Description: Eddie Mathews, third baseman for the Milwaukee Braves baseball team, sliding into home plate. Chicago Cubs catcher Cal Neeman is applying the tag as Braves...

Crowd at Baseball Game

Date: 1955
Description: Two men sitting in the stands review the Milwaukee Braves official program during a game.

Fans at Baseball Game

Date: 1960
Description: Close-up of fans shouting at a Milwaukee Braves baseball game.

Houston's Astrodome seen through Catcher's Mask

Date: 1965
Description: Paneled dome of Houston's Astrodome as seen through a baseball catcher's mask behind home plate.

Adirondack Baseball Bat Factory

Date: 1965
Description: Interior of Adirondack Bats, Inc. baseball bat plant. These bats, made from New York and Pennsylvania white ash, received their final finish and are ready...

Children's Baseball Team

Date: May 31 1979
Description: Young female baseball/softball team and young boys of opposing team sit on the sidelines. The girls are holding a sign that reads "Girls do it better."

Young Boy with Catcher's Mitt

Date: 1929
Description: Young Robert Bailey, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Bailey, holds up a baseball catcher's mitt.

Schoolboys Playing Baseball

Date: May 1928
Description: Boys playing baseball on the grounds of Viall School.

Ballplayer at Bat

Date: June 07 1900
Description: The faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater play a game of baseball.

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