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Coffee Shop

Date: May 1960
Description: Two women serving coffee to customers at a coffee shop. Richland Center, Wisconsin.

Tally Sheet for the Assembly Vote (or) Vote Record of Suffrage Bill

Description: Tally sheet for the Assembly vote on David James's suffrage referendum bill. Photograph of the voting record of the Wisconsin Assembly on the measure to...

Isolated Shack

Date: September 24 1960
Description: An isolated shack that was formerly an antique dealer's store.

Richland Center Aviator

Date: 1946
Description: An unidentified pilot seated in the cockpit of a Stinson sport airplane at Richland County Airport. He had flown there to attend the airport dedication.
Map or Atlas

Bird's-Eye View of Richland Center

Date: 1875
Description: Bird's-eye map of Richland Center.

Swimming Pool

Date: 1930
Description: The municipal sand-bottomed swimming pool was a popular spot to cool off in the summer months.

Wendell Willkie Speaking in Richland Center

Date: March 18 1944
Description: Wendell Willkie giving a campaign speech in 1944 in the Richland Center High School gymnasium. There is a WIBU microphone with a sign for Wisconsin Network...

Ada Lois James with Rifle

Description: Ada [& friend] Charlie. Ada is pretending to shoot an apple from the head of her friend Charlie, who is posing kneeling with his arms folded. There is a pa...

Richland County Courthouse

Date: 1945
Description: Exterior view of the Richland County Courthouse, across the street from the Park Hotel whose sign is visible on the left-hand side of the image.

Edith Wilk Willkie

Date: March 18 1944
Description: Edith Wilk Willkie (Mrs. Wendell L. Willkie) holding a bouquet of flowers.

Wendell Willkie with Bud Hole and Frank Joslin

Date: March 16 1944
Description: Wendell Willkie shaking hands with Bud Hole (left) and Frank Joslin.

Wendell Willkie Conferring with Vernon Thomson

Date: March 18 1944
Description: Wendell Willkie conferring with Assembly Speaker Vernon Thomson (R-Richland Center). Thomson is a candidate for delegate-at-large on the Willkie slate.

Elevated View of Town

Date: 1900
Description: Elevated view of town from hill.

Court Street, Richland Center, Wisconsin

Date: 1915
Description: View of Court Street looking west.

View, Richland Center, Wisconsin

Date: 1911
Description: Elevated view of various buildings.

Horse-Drawn Wagon and Men

Date: 1885
Description: View of a street scene featuring a horse-drawn wagon in the foreground and a restaurant in the background.

Elevated View of Houses

Date: 1965
Description: Elevated view from hill of houses and garages surrounded by trees.

View, Richland Center, Wisconsin

Date: 1910
Description: View down a business-lined street featuring a barber shop in the left foreground.

Buildings in Richland Center, Wisconsin

Date: 1870
Description: View of several buildings, including A.H. Krouskop's store.

Sheldon Street in Richland Center, Wisconsin

Date: 1925
Description: View of North Sheldon Street with an automobile parked along its left side.

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