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Civilian Conservation Corps Poster

Date: 1939
Description: A foldout, illustrated poster for a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) youth program featuring images of teenaged boys working. The text reads: "The CCC — A...

Central and East High School Pie Charts

Date: 1927
Description: Pie charts from 1927-28 showing the present location of graduates of Central and East High Schools.
Book or Pamphlet

Chapman's Medical School Brochure

Date: 1852
Description: Circular and catalogue advertising Dr. Chandler B. Chapman's "Practical School for Anatomy and Surgery." Madison, 1852.
Book or Pamphlet

Anti-Slavery Sermon Imprint

Date: 1861
Description: Printed copy of a sermon, "The Duty of the Northern States in Relation to the Future of Slavery," delivered by Rev. William Henry Brisbane, minister of the...
Book or Pamphlet

Farwell's Madison Mills

Date: 1851
Description: Engraving of the five-story tall mill erected at the outlet of the Yahara Creek by Leonard J. Farwell. This engraving appears in Statistics of Dane County,...
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Wisconsin Argus Advertisement

Date: 1851
Description: Advertisment for the "Wisconsin Argus" newspaper published in Madison, Wisconsin by S.D. Carpenter and H.A. Tenney.

Madison Institute Broadside

Date: 1854
Description: Broadside announcing the 1854 opening lecture of the Madison Institute, a private library and civic forum, on December 11, 1854, in the First Baptist Churc...

Madison Brewery Advertisement

Date: 1858
Description: Advertisement for the Madison Brewery operated from John Rodermund that appeared in the 1858 City Directory.
Book or Pamphlet

Madison Water Cure Advertisement

Date: 1858
Description: Advertisement for the Madison Water Cure and Electro-Hydrogienic Institute, formerly the Lakeside Water-Cure.
Book or Pamphlet

Farwell Real Estate Ad

Date: 1855
Description: Advertisment of Leonard J. Farwell from the 1855 Madison City Directory for the real estate property he had for sale. At the time Farwell was the largest...

Farwell Broadside

Date: 1851
Description: "Good Testimony, Read, Read!", a broadside issued by citizens of Milwaukee in support of the gubernatorial candidacy of the Whig candidate, Leonard J. Farw...

Kindergarten Class

Date: 1899
Description: Students raise their hands in a kindergarten class at Crow School.
Book or Pamphlet

Mrs. Caroline Quarlls Watkins

Description: Quarter-length portrait of Caroline Quarlls Watkins, taken when she lived in Sandwich, Ontario.

Schlitz Palm Garden

Date: July 03 1886
Description: Interior view of the Schlitz Palm Garden filled with finely dressed people. The Schlitz logo appears in the upper left corner. Located on N. 3rd Street, so...
Book or Pamphlet

Picking Cotton

Date: June 1931
Description: African Americans picking cotton on a large plantation in Virginia.
Map or Atlas

Public Playlands

Date: June 1930
Description: A map of the western states showing "public playlands," mostly national parks.
Book or Pamphlet

Glacier National Park

Description: View of Glacier National Park, including people, horses, and tipis.
Book or Pamphlet

Alonzo Wardall

Description: A head and shoulders illustration of Alonzo Wardall.

Valentin Jesion

Date: 1902
Description: Head and shoulders portrait of Valentin Jesion.

Launching the Charles C. West

Date: July 08 1925
Description: Elevated view of the ship the Charles C. West splashing into the Manitowoc River with a large crowd gathered to watch.

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