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Historical Essay

David Marcou's Images of Wisconsin Life - Image Gallery Essay

Wisconsin photographer David Marcou's images of life in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
Historical Essay

Wisconsin Women - About the Image Gallery

View the collection of images of Wisconsin women in a variety of activities: farm work, canning, suffragism, photography, war work and civil rights.
Historical Essay

Wisconsin: A Guide to the Badger State - Image Gallery Essay

The Photographs of Harold Hone
This article describes the careers of Harold Hone and Frank Utpatel in relation to the W.P.A.
Historical Essay

Franz Hölzlhuber's Watercolors - Image Gallery Essay

Discover the works of Austrian artist Franz Hölzlhuber, who documented Wisconsin scenery through watercolor.
Historical Essay

Blanchard Harper - Image Gallery Essay

The Work of Blanchard Harper
Learn about the work of Blanchard Harper, a female photographer who settled near Madison, Wisconsin.
Historical Essay

Charles Van Schaick and Wisconsin Death Trip

The work of Charles Van Schaick (Van Scoik) in the Wisconsin Historical Society collection includes over 8,000 images...
Historical Essay

Willy Street: Image Gallery Essay

Study of a Neighborhood
Discover the history of Madison, Wisconsin's Willy St. neighborhood through the Wisconsin Historical Society's image gallery
Historical Essay

Harry Dankoler - Image Gallery Essay

Avid Amateur Photographer
Learn about the career of photographer Harry Dankoler, who captured images of his experiences throughout life and experimented with photo manipulation.
Resource Description

Visual Materials Subject Overview

Learn about the wide range of visual materials subjects available to view both online and in our Archives
Historical Essay

The Farm Photographs of Andrew J. Mueller - Image Gallery Essay

Explore photographs of farm life in 20th-century Wisconsin.
Historical Essay

Gugler Lithographic World War II Mobilization Posters - Image Gallery Essay

Discover the famous lithographic company most known for its WWII posters whose goal was to mobilize public support for the American war effort.
Historical Essay

Falk Corporation - Image Gallery Essay

Images of a Milwaukee Manufacturing Powerhouse
Read about one of Milwaukee's most successful manufacturing companies and view vintage photographs of the corporation.
Historical Essay

International Harvester Glass Negative Series, 1900-1939 - Image Gallery Essay

View the International Harvester Glass Negative Series featuring images of farmers, animals, factory workers, tractors, small-town life and more.
Historical Essay

Portraits of Scientists - Image Gallery Essay

Increase Lapham's Cartes-de-visite Collection
View this magnificent collection of 19th century famous scientists collected by Wisconsin naturalist Increase Lapham.
Historical Essay

The Great Outdoors

Mid-Century Photographs from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Historical Essay

Angora - Image Gallery Essay

Rabbit Raising in German Concentration Camps
View this unusual photo album, the cover of which is made of angora rabbit wool, to see how the rabbits were raised in concentration camps.
Historical Essay

Horses to Horsepower - Image Gallery Essay

Automobiles in Wisconsin History
Read about the evolution of the automotive industry and the drastic changes in manufacturing work, road infrastructure, the economy and American culture.
Historical Essay

Interweaving the Autobiographical, the Philosophical and the Visual - Image Gallery Essay

Photographs by Richard Quinney
Discover the photographs of Richard Quinney from his book "Things Once Seen," containing more than 40 years of photos documenting his life.
Historical Essay

Edmund Eisenscher's Milwaukee Union Photographs - Image Gallery Essay

View Edmund Eisenscher's photographs of the personal and work life of Milwaukee union members from 1938-1956
Historical Essay

McCormick-International Harvester Collection — Image Gallery Essay

Farming in America
Discover the history of the International Harvester Company through the Wisconsin Historical Society's images

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