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Visual Materials Subject Overview

Learn about the wide range of visual materials subjects available to view both online and in our Archives
Historical Essay

Photo Copy Service Photographers Capture the Essence of Madison - Image Gallery Essay

View the online collection of Photo Copy Service photographs taken in Madison from the 1920s through 1960s.
Historical Essay

Horses to Horsepower - Image Gallery Essay

Automobiles in Wisconsin History
Read about the evolution of the automotive industry and the drastic changes in manufacturing work, road infrastructure, the economy and American culture.
Historical Essay

J. Robert Taylor - Image Gallery Essay

Milwaukee's First Photojournalist
Read about the life and career of photojournalist John Robert Taylor, who captured the spirit of Milwaukee through photographs in the early 20th century.
Historical Essay

Commemorating 50 Years of Integration - Image Gallery Essay

Images relating to Daisy Bates, former Arkansas NAACP President
View photographs from the collection of Daisy Bates, an American civil rights activist, publisher and writer.
Historical Essay

Let's Go to the Circus! - Image Gallery Essay

Circus images from the 1860s to the 1960s.
Historical Essay

McCormick-International Harvester Collection — Image Gallery Essay

Farming in America
Discover the history of the International Harvester Company through the Wisconsin Historical Society's images
Historical Essay

Afloat on the Ohio - Image Gallery Essay

Reuben Gold Thwaites Photographs
Reuben Gold Thwaites' photos of his trip down the Monongahela and Ohio rivers.
Historical Essay

Howard Hughes, Filmmaker - Image Gallery Essay

View images from film "Hell's Angels," released by United Artists in 1930.
Historical Essay

Gerhard Gesell's Alma - Image Gallery Essay

Mississippi River Town
View 19th century photographs of life on the Mississippi River logging town of Alma, Wisconsin.
Historical Essay

Fill 'er Up - Image Gallery Essay

A Historical Look at Service Stations
Photographs of Wisconsin gas stations portray the development of service station architecture.
Historical Essay

Wisconsin State Fair - Image Gallery Essay

View a pictorial review of the Wisconsin State Fair from 1851 when it began.
Historical Essay

International Harvester Glass Negative Series, 1900-1939 - Image Gallery Essay

View the International Harvester Glass Negative Series featuring images of farmers, animals, factory workers, tractors, small-town life and more.
Historical Essay

Letterheads - Image Gallery Essay

Promotions on Paper, 1850s-1975
Custom-designed letterheads were a universal way of proclaiming who you were. Historical letterheads are prime examples of early branding.
Historical Essay

The Winther Motor Company in Kenosha, Wisconsin - Image Gallery Essay

A Collection of Photographs
Photographs of Winther Motor company offer insight into early 20th century manufacturing.
Historical Essay

Menu Gallery: Image Gallery Essay

A Wisconsin Historical Society Menu Sampler
View menus selected from the collections of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

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