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Historical Essay

The 1913 Teasdale Vice Committee Investigation - Image Gallery Essay

Learn the inside story of the Teasdale Vice Committee Investigation of 1913 in Wisconsin and their crusade against "social evil."
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Visual Materials Subject Overview

Learn about the wide range of visual materials subjects available to view both online and in our Archives
Historical Essay

Wisconsin at Play - Image Gallery Essay

View a large gallery of Wisconsin residents playing: bowling, dancing, curling, sailing, skateboarding, skating, skiing and snowmobiling.
Historical Essay

Sound Storm - Image Gallery Essay

Wisconsin's First Outdoor Rock Festival
Learn about and view photographs of Wisconsin's first outdoor rock festival, a groundbreaking three-day event.
Historical Essay

The Thrill of the Hill - Image Gallery Essay

Madison's Soap Box Derby
Learn about the history of Madison's Soap Box Derby, a popular racing sport amongst young boys nation-wide in the early to mid-1900s.
Historical Essay

A Pictorial History of Victorian Wisconsin - Image Gallery Essay

An intimate look at family, architecture, interiors and fashion in Victorian Wisconsin between 1885 and 1900
Learn about the lives of upper-middle class Wisconsinites in the Victorian period between 1885 and 1900.
Historical Essay

A Summer Place - Image Gallery Essay

Photographs from the Apostle Islands
Learn about the history of the Apostle Islands in the northnmost part of Wisconsin, a popular summer refuge for tourists and residents.
Historical Essay

Wisconsin: A Guide to the Badger State - Image Gallery Essay

The Photographs of Harold Hone
This article describes the careers of Harold Hone and Frank Utpatel in relation to the W.P.A.
Historical Essay

Passenger Pigeons - Image Gallery Essay

The Extinction of a Species
Read about how the species of passenger pigeons became extinct. Follow links to short essays on the topic and view a collection of images.
Historical Essay

The Great Outdoors

Mid-Century Photographs from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Historical Essay

Let's Go to the Circus! - Image Gallery Essay

Circus images from the 1860s to the 1960s.
Historical Essay

McCormick-International Harvester Collection — Image Gallery Essay

Farming in America
Discover the history of the International Harvester Company through the Wisconsin Historical Society's images
Historical Essay

One Family's Love Affair with Photography - Image Gallery Essay

A Wisconsin family's photography of their life, pets, parades and other festivities from the late 19th through the early 20th century.
Historical Essay

Breweries, Beer and Bars in Wisconsin History - Image Gallery Essay

Ever wonder why beer is so popular in Wisconsin? Wisconsin history is full of breweries and beer.
Historical Essay

Prophetic Pictures from Menomonie, Wisconsin - Image Gallery Essay

An album of 32 unusual photographs taken in 1905 of graduates of Menomonie High School in Dunn County.
Historical Essay

C. L. Harrington: A Lifelong Love of the Wisconsin Northwoods - Image Gallery

View images from Cornelius (Neal) L. Harrington’s collection of photographs highlighting Wisconsin state parks, preserves and forests.
Historical Essay

Northern Wisconsin - Image Gallery Essay

A Hand-Book for the Homeseeker
Read about the dream of successful farming in northern Wisconsin in 1895.
Historical Essay

An Earth Day Gallery in Gaylord Nelson's Honor - Image Gallery Essay

Read about Earth Day's founder, Gaylord Nelson, a Wisconsin senator and early environmentalist.
Historical Essay

Joy Camps - Image Gallery Essay

Wisconsin's Camp Craft Camp for Girls, 1930-1955
This gallery shares more than 100 images from a northern Wisconsin summer camp for girls that operated between 1930 and 1955.
Historical Essay

Photo Copy Service Photographers Capture the Essence of Madison - Image Gallery Essay

View the online collection of Photo Copy Service photographs taken in Madison from the 1920s through 1960s.

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