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Historical Essay

Early 20th-Century Education - Image Gallery Essay

Grant County Rural Schools
Historical Essay

Kehl School of Dance - Madison - Image Gallery Essay

Discover Madison's Kehl School of Dance through photographs of the performers, public events, dance studio, and other images.
Resource Description

Visual Materials Subject Overview

Learn about the wide range of visual materials subjects available to view both online and in our Archives
Historical Essay

Picturing Madison - Image Gallery Essay

The Watercolors of Winifred Ford
Read about the life and career of painter Winifred Ford who created watercolors of historic Madison residences.
Historical Essay

Highlander Folk School - Image Gallery Essay

View an extensive image collection about this early social leadership center that focused on labor organization, and later, civil rights.
Historical Essay

Joy Camps - Image Gallery Essay

Wisconsin's Camp Craft Camp for Girls, 1930-1955
This gallery shares more than 100 images from a northern Wisconsin summer camp for girls that operated between 1930 and 1955.
Historical Essay

History of the U.S. Social Security Act - Image Gallery Essay

Browse images about the formation of the U.S. Social Security Act, selected from the collections of federal employees Witte, Altmeyer, Cohen and Wickenden.
Historical Essay

William A. Jones - Image Gallery Essay

Native American Photographs
Collection of photographs documenting Native American life and the impact of federal government.
Historical Essay

Franz Hölzlhuber's Watercolors - Image Gallery Essay

Discover the works of Austrian artist Franz Hölzlhuber, who documented Wisconsin scenery through watercolor.
Historical Essay

Prophetic Pictures from Menomonie, Wisconsin - Image Gallery Essay

An album of 32 unusual photographs taken in 1905 of graduates of Menomonie High School in Dunn County.
Historical Essay

Documenting Life in the Segregated South - Image Gallery Essay

The Natchez Poverty Report
View this gallery of photographs from an unpublished 1960s report on living conditions in the African-American neighborhoods of Natchez, Mississippi.
Historical Essay

Dr. Joseph Smith: Early 20th Century Life in Marathon County - Image Gallery Essay

View photographs taken by Dr. Joseph Smith in the early 20th century in and around Marathon County, Wisconsin.
Historical Essay

Commemorating 50 Years of Integration - Image Gallery Essay

Images relating to Daisy Bates, former Arkansas NAACP President
View photographs from the collection of Daisy Bates, an American civil rights activist, publisher and writer.
Historical Essay

Have You Seen This Madison? - Image Gallery Essay

James T. Potter's Photos
View this image collection of architectural details of places in Madison, Wisconsin.
Historical Essay

Neighborhood House - Image Gallery Essay

Madison's Settlement House
Images of Madison's only settlement house, Neighborhood House, from 1916 until the 1960s.
Historical Essay

An Earth Day Gallery in Gaylord Nelson's Honor - Image Gallery Essay

Read about Earth Day's founder, Gaylord Nelson, a Wisconsin senator and early environmentalist.
Historical Essay

Documenting the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party - Image Gallery Essay

View images produced by the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, while they were challenging a white, supremacist delegation.
Historical Essay

Photo Copy Service Photographers Capture the Essence of Madison - Image Gallery Essay

View the online collection of Photo Copy Service photographs taken in Madison from the 1920s through 1960s.

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